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When you need to move with too much furniture

Some people may disagree but there comes a time when you actually may have too much furniture. And one of those times is when you're moving to a new home. Maybe you have decided to downsize, move to a condominium or your new home just doesn't accommodate the furniture you currently have. There comes a time when you need to take a look at whether you can bring your furniture with you. Here are a few tips from our moving professionals about what to do when you can't bring all your furniture with you. Take measurements in your new home

How to hate moving less

It's OK, we understand that some people don't like the thought of moving to a new home. Or maybe some of you are excited about the new home but just hate the process of moving. We understand and it's not for everybody. Hate is a strong word but we understand that some people dislike the moving process. We love moving and we've been doing it for 117 years. And the people we have here love moving as well. They love meeting people like you, hearing stories, and traveling to new places. It makes the job fun for everyone. Every move

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4 things to consider when moving on short notice

When you move to a new home, the ideal situation would involve plenty of time to plan for your relocation. You would research moving companies, create that moving checklist, take your time and pack properly and do everything you can to ease the stress of moving. You might even pay your new town a visit as we often suggest. However, we do understand that sometimes people need to move either on short notice or because of an emergency situation. That could be a new job or a short-term relocation or as we've seen in the past two years, family

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Don’t forget these 4 important things on moving day

There are so many aspects when it comes to moving to a new home and if there is one theme that you could employ during the moving process to get you ready would be planning. Every part of your move from calling moving companies, packing everything in your home, arriving at your new destination, and putting everything in its right place needs to be planned. That also goes for your moving day. The more you plan ahead and get ready, the smoother your move will be, and you will experience less stress. Here are four critical things to do before

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What should you buy for your first apartment?

OK all you college grads, those that are entering the workforce, and all you others that are finally venturing out on your own. If you have finally decided to leave the nest and move into your new apartment, we have a few expert tips on how to make your transition as stress-free as possible. Moving to your first apartment can be an exciting process. You're finally out on your own, you have your own space and you can make that space your own however you wish. But you also need a number of items that you probably enjoyed when

Things you might need to buy when moving to a new home

We bet there's always something you need when you're moving into your new home. Some items in your house just don't make the trip for various reasons or you might find that items in your house were worn out, and to ease the stress of your move, you discarded those before moving day. Whatever the reasons are, we typically find that families need to purchase several items after they arrive at their new home. Bathroom supplies for your new home Do you really want to bring that old plunger or toilet cleaning brush to your new home? We didn't

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How not to feel displaced after moving to a new home

If you have lived in a home for several years, you most likely have places for everything. Your kitchen is set up a certain way, you know just what cabinet you need to go into to get a plate or food items and your favorite chair is right there as it always has been. Now you've moved and everything is different. While you could look at this as a clean slate and opportunity to make things new, some people can't help the feeling of being displaced for a period of time after they move into a new home. Your first

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What should come first on my moving checklist?

You make checklists for grocery shopping. You make worksheets for all your projects at your job. And you make lists for your holiday shopping. And if you're moving, which might be just one of the largest projects you ever tackle, you're going to need a checklist. It's that simple. Having a checklist for your move is absolutely critical. Because we still need to live our lives, work on jobs, get the kids to school and help them with their homework while getting ready for a move, you're certain to forget a few things if you don't have everything in

4 important things to consider for senior moving

We have been handling senior moving in Boston and the surrounding area for decades. We have moved countless family members into new homes, condominiums as well as assisted living communities. We understand the delicate nature of special moves such as helping seniors and our experts have come up with a number of important matters to consider before you start the process of moving a loved one who is a senior. Don't rush the process of choosing a new home The process of helping to move a loved one or a parent should be a process well thought out. This is

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The best local moving companies do these 4 things

Congratulations you've decided to move to a new home. You're not going far, maybe just to the next town. You have been searching for residential movers that understand the ins and outs of moving around Greater Boston. On moving day and you want to know the mover can provide you with the service you need and the Peace of Mind you require for your short journey. While we may serve as a United Van Lines agent in Boston, we were founded in 1905 as a local moving company with deep family roots and a commitment to service. Here's what

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