Office moves in Boston can be complex

If you oversee your office relocation and your office building just happens to be in Greater Boston, then you have probably come to the conclusion that there will be many working parts as you venture to your new office location. Humboldt Storage and Moving was founded in 1905 in the City of Boston and our team has been relocating offices just like yours for decades. No matter what your office move requires, we have the experience, resources, and capability. For example: Need rigging for a high-rise move from Boston? We have you covered.

Corporate moving in Boston and beyond

Sure, we have extensive experience moving offices in the city of Boston, but we also handle office moves all over New England and beyond. If you are moving a corporate office long distance, meaning to another state, or even locating out of the United States, Humboldt is your clear choice. We have a trusted network of moving professionals around the globe to help give your organization Peace of Mind. So, whether you’re moving your office to Canton MA, or Texas, trust Humboldt to provide you with stress-free office relocation.

But it doesn’t stop there. You will often see our Humboldt office moving team in communities such as Newton, Brookline, Wellesley, Needham and beyond.

Humboldt storage facility
Forklift in our storage facility

Storage for office relocations in Boston

There may be times when your organization will require storage for your corporate relocation project. And there is no better company to handle this than Humboldt Storage and Moving. Our storage facility just outside of Boston has over 135,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage, perfect for a wide variety of corporate storage solutions. Everything from office equipment and furniture, all the way to machinery and equipment can be safely secured in our corporate warehouse. If you need to stage your corporate relocation, this is the perfect way to meet your needs and schedule.

Specialists in office liquidation

If you are downsizing your office or moving and have decided to renew furniture and fixtures, we can provide the expertise necessary. We provide office liquidation services here at Humboldt, which allows you to part with your current office furniture and bring about a fresh look into your new office location. We handle all the disassembly, moving and storage of fixtures for resale. If you have decided to dispose of your furniture, we offer the same expertise in our junk removal services.

Humboldt storage facility

IT support for office relocations

Having a plan for the transfer of all your technology from one office to the next is mission-critical. We understand how important this is not only from a logistical point of view but the safeguarding of your data. We offer specialists that can assist you in making sure your organization doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to your technology, including disconnecting and reconnecting your technology assets.

And if you have a closet full of old technology, Humboldt can help liquidate all your old computer equipment, phone systems, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Office Moves

While there is no set time frame, your organization should start planning as soon as possible. Planning an office move can take several months. Moving an entire corporate office is a complex undertaking and to minimize disruptions in business operations, you’ll need as much time as possible. If you’re even thinking of moving your office, you should start planning the move.

You should keep employees informed as soon as you’re able to make your move public. It’s important for them to understand every aspect of the move and how it will affect their lives. One great way to get employees more comfortable with an office move is to turn it into a team building exercise. Check out our blog on how to get your employees involved in your office move.

Using a moving company that specializes in office moving is the best way to manage your expenses around an office move. Moving companies that have expertise in office moving know all the ins and outs of an office move, and how to conduct these moves efficiently, saving your company time and resources. They can also take care of parking permits and coordination with building management.

As with any size project, we highly recommend you have a project manager in your office for your upcoming move. That individual can coordinate with employees, vendors, office moving companies, IT experts, building management and more. Read our blog on the responsibilities of an office moving project manager.

As you probably know, office furniture is heavy and bulky so it’s important to use a professional company that understands office moving. You and your team will need to make a choice about bringing your existing office furniture to your new location or consider decommissioning that furniture and purchasing new furniture for your new office. Decommissioning involves breaking down unwanted or unusable office furniture and either disposing of it or finding a new home. Work closely with your moving company to understand the expenses involved.

It’s important for your organization to have a backup plan just in case your office move encounters any challenges. Luckily because of COVID-19, many employees can work remotely to make sure it’s business as usual for your company. More extensive delays out of your control will require storage and that’s why it’s important to use an office moving company that also has a climate-controlled storage facility.

Absolutely! You may be running a small business, but you could be surprised at just how much your small office move can take out of you and your employees. If you want your small business to have minimal disruption and smooth transition to your new location, use a moving company that specializes in small business moving. It will lower your stress tremendously.

It’s mission critical that you and your team work with a moving company that specializes in laboratory moves. We are sure you are aware that a laboratory move involves protecting and moving sensitive equipment. Your first consideration is partnering with a moving company that has expertise in lab moves. Check out our blog on some of the important considerations for your laboratory move.

Your organization will need to understand expenses including moving, possible temporary housing and other expenses. Other considerations include the employee’s comfort level, future productivity and the impact on that employee’s family and personal life.

If your organization is in the beginning stages of an office relocation, contact our team today and find out how relaxing moving your office can be!