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Moving & Storage Tips

3 ways to make the most of your moving survey

It seems over the past several years that we are living in an on-demand culture. It makes sense for many things you purchase, and it has made life much easier for us. There are so many things we can do over the Internet without even standing up, and in the past two years, we can even get our favorite food delivered right to our front door. On-demand living and ordering all types of products and services even with a phone application, has changed our lives. But when it comes to moving to a new home, on-demand doesn't work. If you're

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5 things to consider when moving antiques

When you're moving to a new home and your family possesses antiques or other expensive items, it's a very good idea to set all those items aside and develop a quick strategy before placing them on a moving truck. Protecting your antiques during a move and doing it properly will save you enormous amounts of stress. Antiques come in all shapes and sizes. Those could be small jewelry boxes, antique clocks, vases, artwork, all the way up to antique furniture. Giving those items protection not only saves them from damage but preserves the value of these items. Here are a

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How moving companies help with storage during your move

Often times during the course of a move, moving companies will be asked to store various items. Not every move is a case where everything is placed on the truck and delivered into a new home. There are several situations where you would want to store household items during your upcoming move. Utilizing a storage facility for various types of moves can greatly reduce your stress. You'll have Peace of Mind knowing that your items are secure, free from damage, and out of your way temporarily while you make decisions. Storage for downsizing your home If the kids have

How to hate moving less

It's OK, we understand that some people don't like the thought of moving to a new home. Or maybe some of you are excited about the new home but just hate the process of moving. We understand and it's not for everybody. Hate is a strong word but we understand that some people dislike the moving process. We love moving and we've been doing it for 117 years. And the people we have here love moving as well. They love meeting people like you, hearing stories, and traveling to new places. It makes the job fun for everyone. Every move

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4 things to consider when moving on short notice

When you move to a new home, the ideal situation would involve plenty of time to plan for your relocation. You would research moving companies, create that moving checklist, take your time and pack properly and do everything you can to ease the stress of moving. You might even pay your new town a visit as we often suggest. However, we do understand that sometimes people need to move either on short notice or because of an emergency situation. That could be a new job or a short-term relocation or as we've seen in the past two years, family

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Don’t forget these 4 important things on moving day

There are so many aspects when it comes to moving to a new home and if there is one theme that you could employ during the moving process to get you ready would be planning. Every part of your move from calling moving companies, packing everything in your home, arriving at your new destination, and putting everything in its right place needs to be planned. That also goes for your moving day. The more you plan ahead and get ready, the smoother your move will be, and you will experience less stress. Here are four critical things to do before

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Moving into a new home with a baby

Congratulations, you're moving to your new home! And you're moving with a new baby. Are you up for the challenge? Well with the right moving company and a little bit of extra support, you'll be in good hands. And so will your baby. If you have young ones at home and you need to move into a new house, planning is certainly going to be the name of the game if you're going to accomplish what you need to do with little stress. You might need to be a little flexible as well as give yourself a break, but it

Moving for the first time? Read this.

OK, all you first-time movers, this one is for you. If this is your first time moving to a new home, our experts here have some advice to make your first journey to a new home as stress-free as possible. If you have never packed up everything you own and moved to a new home you may be in for a bit of a surprise as to just what is involved in a moving project. You can have a moving experience with less stress if you follow a few basic principles of how to get ready. If you don't leave

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Things you might need to buy when moving to a new home

We bet there's always something you need when you're moving into your new home. Some items in your house just don't make the trip for various reasons or you might find that items in your house were worn out, and to ease the stress of your move, you discarded those before moving day. Whatever the reasons are, we typically find that families need to purchase several items after they arrive at their new home. Bathroom supplies for your new home Do you really want to bring that old plunger or toilet cleaning brush to your new home? We didn't

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Packing for a move made easy

Guess what? Moving can actually be exciting for you and your family. Now we understand there is a little work to get there and get comfortable in your new home but once you get there it can be fun. Just think about all the new areas and rooms in your house that you can decorate and make your own. And if you choose a home that fits your needs, hopefully, you found a nice relaxing yard to enjoy countless hours in the outdoors. But if you have ever moved before then you know one of the first steps is

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