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Moving & Storage Tips

Ways to prepare for your upcoming moving survey

Congratulations, you have called the moving company and you have begun the process of a stress-free move. To continue that theme of stress reduction, your next step is to get ready for your moving survey. That's where your moving professional will be able to give you an accurate moving estimate. Having an accurate estimate is going to go a long way in giving you Peace of Mind for your upcoming move as well as your ability to budget moving forward. Plus, the last thing you want is any surprises on moving day because your movers didn't see everything. So let's

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Be ready on moving day-3 important tips

Your moving day is fast approaching. You've been in contact with your moving company, you've done your survey and hopefully, you've packed. It's time to make sure you are ready. The last thing you want is to have the moving trucks show up with an eager crew only to be behind in your planning. So one of the most important things you can do in the days leading up to your move is to make sure everyone in the family is ready. Set a deadline for packing Like any good project manager, there is always a deadline. So why not

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The best local moving companies do these three things

If you're moving down the street or to another town close by, you want to know that your local moving company is providing the best service possible. You may be moving two miles away, but it's still a move and you want to make sure you get through it stress-free. Here are a few ways local moving companies can provide you with the best service. They provide you with accurate moving estimates A professional moving company wants to provide you with the best estimate possible for your move. One of the ways that is possible is for you the

Do I need to fill out any forms for my move?

The short answer is yes. Depending on where you are moving as well as the type of move will dictate what types of forms you'll need to complete as well as how many forms are needed for your move. We know filling out forms isn't your favorite thing to do. At Humboldt, there's a shared responsibility between you and our team to get the necessary forms done. What forms are needed for my move? It all depends. International moving forms When it comes to what forms are needed for an international move, the answer will vary depending on where in

Moving soon? Don’t help… just relax

There are several reasons why you've hired a moving company. One is of course you'll need help moving heavy items. But the second and almost equally important is you don't want to deal with the stress associated with moving. So one thing to consider when you've hired a moving company? Let the moving professionals do their job and step back. Allowing the moving crew to conduct the move in the way they have been trained is the best way for you to ease your stress and for them to get the job done as efficiently as possible for you. Here

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What types of boxes should I use for moving?

If you are wondering what type of boxes are best when moving to a new home, our experts have you covered here. Below will run through briefly the more popular type of boxes and when you should use them. Because our goal here is to make sure you have a move that is stress-free, we want to make sure that you cover one of the most important aspects of your move and that's packing properly. And when it comes to making sure you pack everything in your home the right way, you're going to want to use the correct

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Tips for moving your wine collection

Understanding how to move high-value items from one home to the next is incredibly important. While moving everything else in your home needs to be cared for properly, items and collections that can be considered high value, need extra care and protection. Our team has moved a whole host of high-value items such as art, antiques as well as family heirlooms. And one item we are frequently asked to care for during a move is wine collections. Here are a few tips from our high-value moving experts about how to care for your wine collection when moving to a

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Tips for packing up your garage and other storage areas

If you've ever moved to a new home, you know there are items all around your house that, with a little work fit nicely into a box. Those items include clothing, books, and even dishes with the proper boxes. But there are other areas in your home such as your garage or your storage shed that have items in it that could be difficult to pack in a traditional box. Some of these items may not even fit in a box. So it's important to understand how you're going to move these items to your new home. Check out these

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Think about climate-controlled storage for these projects

When some people think about placing items in storage, they think about getting all that stuff out of their house. Because in many cases they've accumulated so much that it's hard to navigate the home anymore. They need to get items out of the way but they don't know what to do with them. So they place various items in storage. That's a great way to use a storage facility but there are many others that you might not have thought of. If you are embarking on any of these projects, you may want to consider using climate-controlled storage to

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How to protect furniture when moving to a new home

Let's face it, the majority of items you are going to be moving when you are relocating to your new home will be your furniture. We do not find many homes that do not have at least a couple of pieces of furniture in each room of the house so as you might imagine, this is going to be the bulk of your move. Because of that, you as a homeowner are going to want Peace of Mind knowing that your furniture is going to be protected throughout your entire move. Your moving company will do everything they can to

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