Moving is stressful for almost all who go through it. It can be particularly challenging for those on the autism spectrum.

With the vast amount of changes that occur literally overnight, a move will break routine and take away much of what is familiar to us. For someone on the spectrum these changes can be devastating if not addressed and planned for.

In an effort to provide useful information for families with members on the autism spectrum Humboldt has partnered with The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism and Ablevision to create this series of videos about moving with autism. Additionally we have put together a tip sheet as well as links to other helpful organizations. Our hope is to provide helpful ideas for before, during and after the move which can help assist a loved one on the spectrum cope with the major changes that come with a relocation. Of course each individual will need a personalized plan to address their specific needs but these videos can serve as a starting point in creating that plan.

A special thanks to Northeast ARC and Community Resources for People with Autism as well as all the families and individuals who shared their tips, stories, ideas and even participated in making the videos.

Moving With Autism – Tip Sheet

Before Moving Day

Moving Day

After The Move