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3 ways to lower your stress before a move

Preparing for a move is more than just packing boxes and loading the truck. You also need to prepare mentally because, as most of us know, moving can be a little stressful for some. The more you prepare your mind and body for your upcoming journey, the less stress you and your family will experience. Check out our tips for preparing for your move, lowering your stress and actually enjoying your journey to your new home. Take care of your mind and body Leading up to your move, you'll want to make sure you prioritize self-care for yourself and your

3 must-have local moving tips

As a local moving company in Boston, we have helped thousands of families over the years move down the street or around the corner. Many families like yours decide to purchase a larger home because the family is growing or we see many people in retirement age deciding to downsize and move locally. If you want your local move to be successful and stress-free, we have a few must-have tips to ensure your move goes according to plan and can be an enjoyable experience in the process. Work with established and reputable local movers One big moving mistake is hiring

How to help your child adjust to moving to a new home

Moving can be stressful for anyone but for children, it can be a real struggle. They may be leaving a school they've become comfortable in, moving away from close friends and even their favorite places around town. Moving can also be a positive experience for them and if framed the right way, can be a new journey for kids of all ages. We've been moving families and their children for decades and our team has a few simple pieces of advice to help your kids adjust to moving to a new home. Honor your children's feelings When you have that

Moving your parents to another state? Make sure these get done

There comes a time when the adult children of aging parents need to increase their responsibilities. One trend we see is often when parents need to move closer to family or into some assisted living facility. Many times, that requires moving to another state. If you find yourself having to move your aging parents, several items should be on your To Do List. But here are a few that are critical to accomplishing before you move a parent out of state. Changing address is important While you should definitely visit the post office to change your parent’s address, one of

Moving to a new home this fall? 3 ways to put yourself at ease

As a moving company in Boston, the fall season is one of our favorite times of the year. Because we move families all over New England, our crews can enjoy what nature provides us every year here in the Northeast. Crews keep busy and safe as they move families around New England, and it doesn't hurt to enjoy that fall foliage along the way. For you the homeowner, fall is a great time to move. It's not too hot and in most cases the snow has not started to fall here in the Northeast just yet. If you are planning

Humboldt Storage and Moving is moving for hunger this month

This month we are partnering with the organization Move for Hunger to help secure much-needed food donations for our neighbors and local food banks. Move for Hunger is an organization that helps companies in the relocation industry with support and guidance to maximize area food drives. Our food drive will run from October 17 through November 16. Everyone on the Humboldt team is committed to maximizing our food drive, and with Move for Hunger behind us and your help, we know we can make a considerable impact here in the Greater Boston area. Did you know? 1 in 12

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Moving day-it’s your day to relax

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Relaxing on moving day… You might think that is impossible right now but we are here to tell you that needs to be your goal. But you will not be able to relax if you go hire the wrong moving company. In fact, the opposite will happen. You may experience more stress than ever. Do you want to know how to relax on your moving day? Check out these quick tips for taking it easy when moving to a new home. Do your homework and choose the right moving company Make sure you look at

4 ways to part with books before moving

OK all you book lovers. We are sorry to do this but one of the ways to lighten the load when moving is to get rid of some of those books you have. We understand parting with books is not an easy decision but it's one of the best ways to reduce the stress of an upcoming move. Not only that but getting rid of books can reduce your move's cost. Because, let's face it, books are heavy. If you are a book lover and you have a ton of books in your home, here are a few ways that

How to be ready the morning of your move

If you want a stress-free move and even enjoy the experience of moving day, you will want to be as prepared as possible. Nothing will add to your anxiety more than running around and chasing your tail the morning of moving day. Trying to get everything done at the last minute while people are waiting will only stress everyone out. Here are a few ways that you can be ready on moving day and not cause any additional stress to you and your movers. Have a deadline for packing all your items Everyone in the house should understand the deadline

Be ready on moving day-3 important tips

Your moving day is fast approaching. You've been in contact with your moving company, you've done your survey and hopefully, you've packed. It's time to make sure you are ready. The last thing you want is to have the moving trucks show up with an eager crew only to be behind in your planning. So one of the most important things you can do in the days leading up to your move is to make sure everyone in the family is ready. Set a deadline for packing Like any good project manager, there is always a deadline. So why not

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