Why choose storage with movers like Humboldt?

Sure, there are many storage facilities in Boston, but one of the key factors that set us apart from others Is we are one of the most established moving companies in Massachusetts. Why does that matter? If you choose a storage warehouse that is not aligned with a moving company, you will have to arrange to load your items in and out of storage. Not here! We have everything you require to make your storage as stress-free as possible. Up-to-date vehicles, professionally trained warehouse staff, and more. You can have Peace of Mind knowing that we are part of every step of your storage needs.

Reassuring features of our leading edge storage facility:

  • Professionally trained staff
  • Online inventory management
  • High-tech 24/7/365 security systems
  • Temperature & climate controlled storage
  • High-end custom vaulting available
Forklift in our storage facility

Storage in Boston and beyond

Because we’re well known for Interstate moving and as an international moving company, you’ll be pleased to know that the storage options with Humboldt don’t stop here in Boston. Because of our relationship with United Van Lines and many other trusted partners, we have a network of reliable storage facilities from Boston to California and around the globe. You should feel comforted in knowing that when your goods are on a long journey, they will be cared for only by partners we trust.

Trusted storage for high-value items

There is a clear difference when it comes to the Humboldt storage warehouse. And that’s our unmatched expertise in handling and caring for high-value items such as art, antiques, and commercial storage. If you have items that require a high level of care and safety, you’ll want to learn more about our expertise and high-value storage. Learn more here.

Humboldt storage facility
Residential Moving

Climate-Controlled Storage

All-seasons protection for belongings and business assets.

Residential Moving

Fine Art /

Museum-quality handling, packing and preservation.

Your distribution and logistics partner

Humboldt has the capability to store, track and deliver anything, where and when you need it. Our turnkey solutions for distribution and logistics save time and money — including worldwide handling/transportation services and white glove last-mile delivery from transportation hubs to final destinations and end users.

Find out why more companies with commercial storage needs partner with Humboldt for professional distribution and logistics.

Forklift in our storage facility