Tips for finding a moving company

I need a local moving company. What should I ask?

Moving is a big decision and equally large undertaking. It doesn't matter if you're moving around the globe or down the street, You'll still need to go through some of the basic functions of moving to a new home. That includes planning, packing, cleaning and so much more. Because moving to a new home can be stressful for many, you want to know that you chose the right local moving company and, that you asked the right questions before proceeding. Here are a few questions from our local moving experts here in Greater Boston that they suggest you ask any

Important considerations for your laboratory relocation

Our team has conducted countless laboratory moves and research facility relocations over the years. As you might imagine, these types of projects have a certain level of complexity to them. Moving a laboratory or a life sciences facility requires an incredible amount of planning, communication, and the need to work together. It also takes patience on everyone's part. There are many reasons why organizations need to move a laboratory or research facility such as new projects, increased funding, or the need for more space. If you're in the beginning of that process, here are a few basic starting points. Make

3 must-have local moving tips

As a local moving company in Boston, we have helped thousands of families over the years move down the street or around the corner. Many families like yours decide to purchase a larger home because the family is growing or we see many people in retirement age deciding to downsize and move locally. If you want your local move to be successful and stress-free, we have a few must-have tips to ensure your move goes according to plan and can be an enjoyable experience in the process. Work with established and reputable local movers One big moving mistake is hiring

Never choose a moving company using just a phone estimate or email

One of the things that can make moving to a new home stressful is to have any type of unexpected event occur. These surprises, at any point during the moving process can stress you out and put your move in jeopardy. One way to avoid surprises is to ensure you receive an accurate estimate for your move. While we call it an estimate, you can get an accurate snapshot of what your move will cost by working with your moving company. If you are moving soon, it is absolutely essential that you get a moving survey conducted from a reputable

Moving day-it’s your day to relax

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Relaxing on moving day… You might think that is impossible right now but we are here to tell you that needs to be your goal. But you will not be able to relax if you go hire the wrong moving company. In fact, the opposite will happen. You may experience more stress than ever. Do you want to know how to relax on your moving day? Check out these quick tips for taking it easy when moving to a new home. Do your homework and choose the right moving company Make sure you look at

3 important factors to consider before storing your art

Storing art or antiques is something you should prepare adequately for. That preparation includes doing all your research and choosing the right people to handle your art. While there may be plenty of internet results when it comes to companies specializing in the moving and storage of art, not all of these companies are created equal. So if you need to move items of high value or place them in storage, there are a few “must haves” for you to consider. Choosing fine art movers with experience You should always check into a moving company and their experience before hiring

Ask your moving company about additional services

As a moving company in the Boston area, our customers often ask us to provide additional accommodations to help ease the stress of a move. And if you hire the right moving company, you'll find that customized moving services are the way to go. Don't think of a moving company as a bunch of guys that show up and load a truck. It is far more detailed than that, and when you take full advantage of what a moving company can offer, you'll be thankful for just how stress-free your move can be. Ask about professional packing services When you

Why should I call the moving company first?

One of the most frequent pieces of advice we give people if they are considering a move is to call the moving company first. There are so many ways to make a move successful and stress-free but it all starts with getting a hold of your moving company and allowing for as much time as possible to plan. So why call the moving company first when selling your home? It's very simple. Moving when you want to move If you want to better your chances of moving when you actually need to move, then you'll want to contact that moving

Is it really worth it to hire a moving company?

If you are young and have a bunch of friends that still love pizza and beer, and don't mind a little hard work, then maybe, just maybe… you want to ask them to help you move. However, if you're looking to get the job done with as little stress as possible, then it really is worth investing in hiring a professional moving company. Here are just a few simple reasons why hiring a moving company is far better than a DIY move. Professional movers are trained and know what they're doing Do you have bulky furniture and narrow stairways? That's

The best local moving companies do these three things

If you're moving down the street or to another town close by, you want to know that your local moving company is providing the best service possible. You may be moving two miles away, but it's still a move and you want to make sure you get through it stress-free. Here are a few ways local moving companies can provide you with the best service. They provide you with accurate moving estimates A professional moving company wants to provide you with the best estimate possible for your move. One of the ways that is possible is for you the