This is a common question we get here at Humboldt Storage and Moving. What can I do with my food when I move to a new home? Well, you can’t starve leading up to the moving day so discussing the food in your home is important.

If you’re moving and worried about what to do with the food items in your home, check out tips from our moving experts.

What types of food can I take with me when moving?

Typically, the best advice when moving with food is to take nonperishable items with you. These foods are typically canned, bottled, or in boxes and sealed properly. Be careful how much you take because canned and bottled food items can add more weight to your overall move, which may cost you more.

What foods can I not take when moving?

You should not take up space on a moving truck with open food items. Those foods should either be consumed ahead of time or disposed of properly. It’s also not advisable to place frozen food on a moving truck as those can spoil, especially if you’re moving long distance.

Planning food in advance of moving

It’s a wise idea to take inventory of all the food in your home as early as possible before your move. Be careful what you purchase, especially bulk items and frozen foods. That is ideal if you can consume most of the food in your home before moving day. But of course, don’t overeat…

If you have food left over, you may want to consider donating to a local food pantry. You’ll make moving day easier, and you’ll be helping your community.

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