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5 of the best reasons to move to Boston

As a Boston moving company we may be biased but we love living and working here. Boston has so much to offer families and busy professionals and it's a place that many love to call home. If you have been thinking about moving to Boston, we have five really good reasons to consider coming to Boston and calling this area your new home. The food scene in Boston is second to none If you are a foodie then we can't think of a better place to call home. While Boston is famous for its North End and Italian food, there

4 important factors if you are relocating employees

If your organization is beginning the process of relocating employees to other areas of the country or internationally, there are a number of factors that you'll need to take into consideration. The cost of moving employees This should be top of mind for anyone in management or human resources professionals. Moving employees will require resources from your organization so it's important to have a detailed budget. Some of the items in that budget include transportation, temporary housing, the moving company of course or other expenses related to the relocation. Will you need to provide long-term storage for your employees? There

3 important factors to consider on an international move

As an international moving company in Boston, we have conducted countless moves around the globe over the past few decades. As you can imagine, an international move can be far more complex than just moving to a new home in the same town. Because of that, there are a whole host of factors that you'll need to understand and consider when embarking on a move to another country. Realistic expectations about control of your international move When you're moving to another country, your international moving company will book a container with your household items on a shipping vessel. However, one

5 essential factors you need to know before moving out to a new country

Moving to a new country from Boston or anywhere in the US can be an exciting and challenging experience at the same time. We always say moving is a journey and there's no better journey than moving to a new country to experience different surroundings, cultures, food and more. However, embarking on an international move requires some additional thought and planning. Here are 5 essential things that you should know before making the move to another country. Visas and other legal requirements Before making the move, it's essential to research the visa requirements and legalities of the country you're

What do the best international moving companies do right?

You've decided to work with an international moving company because you need to relocate for your job, or maybe you've decided on a new adventure with your family. Whatever your reason is, you'll want to work with international movers that understand the complexity of moving to another country. One of the first things you should look for on your international move is a moving company with a dedicated international division. There are many more parts to an international move than a local move so choose your international movers carefully. There are a few other important items that the best international

3 important factors if you are moving to a new home in 2023

The economy is changing here in the United States and globally. It's no secret that economic conditions have been affecting several areas and will continue to change in the coming year. While the economy, good or bad, can change the direction of business, it can also change the direction of life choices, including moving to a new home. If you are considering relocating this coming year, our experts have put together some simple advice to help you navigate your moving experience in 2023. Work closely with your real estate professional Many factors can change when the economy changes, including real

3 important tasks to do when you get to your new home

We often talk about important factors to get you ready for moving day here on our blog, but your moving journey doesn't stop on moving day. Guess what, you'll need to unpack unless you've hired professional packing services, get acquainted with your new home and move household items around to your liking. There are many other important tasks that you'll need to do once you get to your new home. Here are just a few. Update your address There are so many places where you will need to ensure that your address is current. Those include your driver’s license, medical

Should I leave large items behind when moving?

Homeowners always ask our moving consultants about some of the ways they can make moving easier, stress-free and, in some cases, less expensive. One of the ways to accomplish the goal of an easier move is to consider leaving behind some of the larger items in your home. There are several ways to make that happen and, in the process, make a move much more manageable. If you are moving soon and considering which large items to take with you or leave behind, here are a few ways to do so from our expert moving team. Consider donating furniture to

3 big moving mistakes to avoid

Moving can be a complex event in your life. We get it, you're running a family, working your job, and all your other personal commitments. And then you must pack up your home and move. And of course, there are many other things to do with moving, such as changing your address, contacting utilities, and so on. So you don't want to make a mistake. Sometimes, homeowners and others make mistakes during the moving process that could have been avoided. Here are just a few moving mistakes to get you thinking… And planning. Springing day of surprises on the movers

Consider These Factors for Your Upcoming International Move

We've all seen the news now about the challenges we are having with the supply chain and other transportation issues that our country is dealing with. This, as you might imagine, is affecting international moving from Boston and other areas. If you are moving to another country from Boston, you'll want to pay attention to our quick tips for your international move in 2022. Book your international move early We can't say this enough. It is important to book your movers as early as possible on any type of move but especially when moving to another country. Because of supply