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International Moving

If you are moving to another country in 2022 read this

We've been serving as a long-distance moving company here in Boston for decades. We are proud to say that we have moved families and professionals to just about every part of the world. We are able to do this because of our immense network around the globe and because of the experienced international moving experts we have here at Humboldt. International moving companies have had to adjust in several areas to be able to serve the needs of people moving abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because we have one of the best international moving teams in the business, we

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How moving companies help with storage during your move

Often times during the course of a move, moving companies will be asked to store various items. Not every move is a case where everything is placed on the truck and delivered into a new home. There are several situations where you would want to store household items during your upcoming move. Utilizing a storage facility for various types of moves can greatly reduce your stress. You'll have Peace of Mind knowing that your items are secure, free from damage, and out of your way temporarily while you make decisions. Storage for downsizing your home If the kids have

Did you consider these factors on your international move?

Did you consider these factors on your international move? Congratulations! You've decided to move to another country. You be the gotten a new job, a promotion, or you and your family have just decided on a new adventure. Whatever the reason is, an international move can be exciting and eye opening. And while we always remain positive here at Humboldt Storage and Moving, there are various parts of an international move that you need to consider before making the commitment. Culture and language We know this may be at the top of your list, but you really should study

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Are you moving overseas? Here are some tips

Moving overseas can be a necessity, such as a change in your employment or career, or to take care of family matters. It can also serve as an adventure. Maybe you have always wanted to take the family and live in another country. Maybe your family or other relatives are from a country and you've decided to go back to your heritage. No matter what the reason you need to understand what is involved if you are going to move overseas. While we could never cover everything that's involved in moving to another country in just one blog, we've

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Moving to Australia

G’day! Planning a move to Australia? Personal belongings entering Australia are subject to bio-security control. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may inspect your goods. Relax! Our International Moving Experts at Humboldt will help you through the process. Some items may require treatment or may be destroyed or exported at your expense. There are a number of steps you can take to facilitate the release of your personal effects from bio-security control with the least costs and time delays. There are two golden rules you need to keep in mind when packing, according to the Australian Department of Agriculture:

Moving to New Zealand

Kia ora! Strict bio-security laws mean there are some items you cannot bring to New Zealand, and some other items will require inspection on arrival. Relax! Our International Moving Experts at Humboldt will help you through the process. Restricted and Prohibited Items Do not pack these goods as they may be seized unless accompanied by official certification. Any packets of food. Honey, pollen, propolis, honeycombs, or other bee products. Plants, bulbs, cuttings, corms, rhizomes, tubers, commercially packed seeds and seeds for planting. Prohibited packaging such as straw or used fresh food cartons. Items restricted under the Convention or International

What paperwork do I need to move into the United States?

The summer months are starting, and with that begins the busiest moving season of the year. Millions of people around the U.S are packing up and moving, and here at Boston’s oldest moving company we want to make your big moving day special and stress free. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving down the street or moving to the United States from another country, we offer the same relaxed stress free services for almost everything to help you deal with everything moving day has to offer. The U.S. census bureau estimates about 1 million people move into the United States every

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Jim and Howard Talk International Moving From Boston

Jim and Howard recently took to the back yard of Humboldt to talk about the ins and outs of international moving. As you know we are one of the only international movers in Boston and I have to say, these guys know there stuff. After about 1,500 international moves each year, you got to be the experts. There are so many unique characteristics of an international move as opposed to a local move or even one cross country. From not only the time spent preparing for the move but the time it takes to finally get your goods and

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International Relocation Paperwork Changes- Part 1

This January marks a change in the way people move overseas. Actually there are two major changes to international relocation's that take effect this January and this Boston international moving company wants you to know about these changes. The first is that anyone relocating out of the United States must now apply for an Employer Identification Number or what may know as an EIN Number. Before now, a person would use their social security number to move out of the country. Because of our heightened awareness around terrorism and indentify theft, the new government regulation will now replace the

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