Moving with Kids

School is back in session-are you moving?

For many families and working professionals, having school back in session is a game changer. We love our kiddos but having them back in school gives us a sense of routine that allows us to get a few hours back during the day. However, some of us for various reasons, may have to move to a new home while the kids are in school. Check out some of our tips for transitioning to a new home while the kids are still attending school. Communication is key No matter the age of your children, you must be open about the move

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Important factors when moving a family member with special needs

Moving can be stressful for many people as there are many decisions to be made to ensure a smooth relocation. When you are moving with a family member that has special needs, the preparation and decision making does become more complex. You as a family member want to make sure that your loved one with special needs has the appropriate accommodations and of course care before, during and as they live in their new home. From our experience, here are a few recommendations and critical decisions that need to be considered when moving a family member with special needs. Close

How kids can create positive memories when moving to a new home

Creating memories as a child is something that is just part of growing up. And when children are moving to a new home, positive memories are an important part of what could be a delicate transition for your children. The more your family can help your children create those meaningful memories, the better the moving process will be in the moment, and the post move may just go a little smoother for your child's emotions. Here's a few ways that we have found children can create those positive moments around the move to a new home. Children can create a

3 important factors when moving into a new home with kids

If you're moving to a new home with children, one of your first priorities is ensuring everyone is safe in that new house. For children, new surroundings can cause uncertainty and a little bit of anxiety. And while you most likely had safeguards in place in your former home, you need to pay particular attention to safety as you move into your new house. Here are three important items that should be at the top of your list when moving into a new home with children. Make sure you inspect all the locks in your new home Sure you got

3 ways to lower your stress before a move

Preparing for a move is more than just packing boxes and loading the truck. You also need to prepare mentally because, as most of us know, moving can be a little stressful for some. The more you prepare your mind and body for your upcoming journey, the less stress you and your family will experience. Check out our tips for preparing for your move, lowering your stress and actually enjoying your journey to your new home. Take care of your mind and body Leading up to your move, you'll want to make sure you prioritize self-care for yourself and your

How to help your child adjust to moving to a new home

Moving can be stressful for anyone but for children, it can be a real struggle. They may be leaving a school they've become comfortable in, moving away from close friends and even their favorite places around town. Moving can also be a positive experience for them and if framed the right way, can be a new journey for kids of all ages. We've been moving families and their children for decades and our team has a few simple pieces of advice to help your kids adjust to moving to a new home. Honor your children's feelings When you have that

Let’s get packing-Get your kids involved in the move

Moving can be a stressful experience for many and moving with children adds an entirely different dynamic to the process. Not only can we adults experience a little anxiety during the move but children do as well. We have seen great results when parents get their children involved in part of the moving process. So we say, get the kids participating in your move. The best moving companies understand that kids need to be part of the process. And here at Humboldt, we can offer your children a moving kit that includes their own boxes as well as a

Moving into a new home with a baby

Congratulations, you're moving to your new home! And you're moving with a new baby. Are you up for the challenge? Well with the right moving company and a little bit of extra support, you'll be in good hands. And so will your baby. If you have young ones at home and you need to move into a new house, planning is certainly going to be the name of the game if you're going to accomplish what you need to do with little stress. You might need to be a little flexible as well as give yourself a break, but it

Ask the Humboldt Experts: Moving with Kids

Moving can be a stressful, confusing, transitional time for kids. Children are sometimes left out of the process because there are so many things that need to be addressed. However, by keeping focus on the positive and using a few helpful tips, you can help your kids feel more involved in the relocation process and push many of their worst fears aside. Tip #1 : Open Communication Talk to your child about the move often, giving them as much information as you can. Let them know why the move is happening and communicate each step of the way letting them

How to Pack and Move with Children

When you are moving with children who are old enough to understand what is happening around them as you prepare to move it’s important to involve them in the move. Talk about the move with the children early on, so they are involved in the process. When it comes time to pack up, allow the children to help pack some of their toys, stuffed animals or other items in a box that you have set up for them. Allow them to create a marking system for them to mark the box as theirs. Let them use crayons, markers and

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