Planning your laboratory move-we provide the support you need

Our team has spearheaded numerous relocations of laboratories, research facilities, Biotech, and other life sciences companies that support the healthcare industry. One clear area of expertise lies in our attention to the planning process. We methodically plan out your complex move and work with your team to give you Peace of Mind during the entire process. We also advise the individuals you place in charge of your laboratory move to ensure everyone communicates during your entire relocation. In short, planning is a key factor in a successful laboratory relocation.

Humboldt's Boston-area moving team
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Experts in supporting the relocation of life sciences companies

We understand we are one of many parties that will be working on your laboratory relocation. Many manufacturers and vendors of the delicate equipment in your facility will need to be carefully protected and secured for transit by trained professionals. Our team will be in regular communication with all parties involved and do our part in that relocation process.

Experts in the complexity of laboratory moving

We have conducted some of the most complex biotech and laboratory moving projects in Greater Boston. Many of these relocations have required the use of additional equipment to execute these types of moves flawlessly. From special trucks and vehicles, rigging and cranes, the Humboldt laboratory moving team can analyze any lab moving project and build a detailed plan, regardless of the equipment needed.

Humboldt's Boston-area moving team
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Protecting priceless investments for your laboratory or research facility

The Humboldt team is trained to provide every level of protection for your laboratory and research equipment. One example is our custom crating division. We build custom protection in the form of crates for equipment and other devices. We work with your manufacturers and vendors as well as your team lead to identify the exact dimensions, and then our crew gets to work building a one-of-a-kind creation that provides enhanced protection.

We are ready to move your lab!

We understand that you may be moving your laboratory or research facility for many reasons. That may include a change in funding, consolidation of laboratories, renovations in your existing commercial building as well as new research opportunities. Whatever your reason for relocating, Humboldt is ready right from the start.

Unsurpassed in executing the most complex moving plans:

  • Relocations of any size across a diversity of industries
  • Handling/crating of highly sensitive equipment
  • Rigging services for heavy equipment
  • Domestic air freight for time-critical shipments
  • Comprehensive relocation budgeting and expense tracking
  • The option to create detailed floor plans to best utilize your new space
  • Facilitating complex utility connections

Coordinating every phase of your corporate relocation.

An office or facility move calls for comprehensive planning and precise scheduling in order to streamline costs and downtime. Humboldt Storage and Moving will meet your property or office manager onsite to create a customized relocation plan — detailing how every item will be moved and exactly where it will be placed.

Additional Moving Services:

Furniture and workstations

 Disassembly, relocation and installation at locations designated in your plan.

Last-mile delivery

Transporting equipment, furniture and fixtures from transportation hubs for inside delivery — including setup if desired.


Facilitating the removal and liquidation of unneeded equipment, along with disposal and recycling of consumable items.

Warehousing and supply chain

Receipt, storage and distribution of materials, components and finished goods during the move and/or settling-in period.

A mover packing objects and furniture

Moving a Boston therapeutics company.

How Humboldt handled this exceptionally detailed and time-sensitive assignment.

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