Choosing a commercial moving company takes careful consideration. After all, business and profitability are at stake and you and your team should be comfortable knowing that you have chosen the right company for your office relocation.

Here are five things that are mission-critical to having a successful commercial move for your business.

A dedicated point of contact

When you’re spearheading a commercial move, the moving company you choose should provide you with a dedicated point of contact for the entire moving process. You should have their email address, direct dial phone number and even a mobile phone number. You should also have regular communication with your office relocation specialists.

Look for commercial moving expertise

Not all moving companies handle commercial moving or office relocations so it’s important when choosing a mover that you ask about their expertise. Experienced commercial movers are far more likely to understand the specific challenges and requirements of relocating an office and can provide those tailored moving services and solutions.

Commercial moving reputation and customer reviews

An office relocation is a big undertaking, so take the time to research a moving company’s reputation in the area of commercial moves. You can ask colleagues, obtain referrals from your real estate professional, ask your Business Association or Chamber of Commerce and even check out online reviews. Online reviews are not always the best indicator, but they are worth looking at.

Additional services offered for commercial moves

In addition to the physical task of moving your items from one office to the next, a reputable commercial mover should also offer services such as packing and unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, decommissioning of unwanted furniture as well as the transportation of specialized equipment for your particular industry. An example would be expertise in laboratory or life sciences moves.

On site walkthroughs and surveys

There should be no surprises about a commercial move and to avoid that, your moving company professional should walk through all locations that are part of your office relocation. That includes your current location and the building you are moving to. And if you have other locations such as satellite offices that are part of the move, that needs to be taken into consideration.

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