We often talk about important factors to get you ready for moving day here on our blog, but your moving journey doesn’t stop on moving day.

Guess what, you’ll need to unpack unless you’ve hired professional packing services, get acquainted with your new home and move household items around to your liking.

There are many other important tasks that you’ll need to do once you get to your new home. Here are just a few.

Update your address

There are so many places where you will need to ensure that your address is current. Those include your driver’s license, medical insurance, bank accounts and credit cards, online shopping such as Amazon, and of course the IRS. Many of these address changes can be performed online but it’s important to be timely when it comes to changing your address after moving to a new home.

Arrange for trash pickup and recycling services

The last thing you want is trash to pile up after moving to your new home. You’ll want to find your options quickly for trash pickup. Your first stop should be the town website where you moved. You can easily find out if there is trash pickup within your community. If there is not, you’ll need to find a local company. One way to do that is to find local online groups such as Facebook to ask members who they use for trash and recycling.

Greet your neighbors

You shouldn’t let weeks and months go by without at least saying hello to your new neighbors. You don’t have to conduct a tour of the entire neighborhood. But you should at least find a way to say hello to the neighbors that border your property. All it takes is a simple walk next door with a brief greeting.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!