Here are a few questions and answers to help you prepare for a successful move.

Your local moving estimate is based on the number of hours and materials used from the time your movers show up to your current residence to the time they deliver and place all of the items into your new home. Our local move minimums are a 4 – hour minimum, 1 hour for travel time, a $25 fuel surge charge and $75 dollar charge for $10,000 worth of valuation coverage.

Your interstate move is based on the weight of your shipment, distance between origin and destination and packing.

Whether you choose an in home survey or our virtual survey option the moving consultant assigned to your move will provide a highly accurate and detailed estimate of everything coming along with you in your move.

There are three different options in which you can pay for your move. Payment can be made by credit card, certified bank check or money order, and cash. Please note that no reputable move should ask for a cash deposit before they load the truck. If you are presented with such a demand, you may be dealing with a scam or rogue mover. Be sure to clarify payment terms before your sign a contract.

If you choose to have your items packed by our professional movers the materials required for your move are provided by Humboldt. Want to do the packing yourself? But don’t have the right materials… click here to check out our packing supply order forms to see which package best suits your needs.

  • The Humboldt crew arrives on time and in uniform
  • The Humboldt crew works hard and meets all of your move requirements throughout your move day
  • Labeling boxes correctly. All boxes should be labeled with: Your name, contents, and destination room
  • All items are packed (if needed), moved and delivered all in the same condition we received them in
  • Our client and family is treated with respect and is provided a relaxing and stress free move
  • Communicate with your move coordinator in advance if there are any last changes made to your move
  • Inform your sales consultant and move coordinator know if there have been any last minute changes to your move prior to your scheduled move day
  • Be clear with directions on moving day
  • Review your move with your Humboldt Move Coordinator. Confirm important items including dates, packing, special handling or instructions.
  • Designate a “Safe Zone” in your home where you will keep items not included in your move. This may include medications, important paperwork, etc.
  • If you have children or pets – arrange for someone to care for them on moving day.
  • Inspect all doors to the home to make sure they are free of debris & accessible for the moving crew.
  • In the event of snow – all walkways must be cleared & salted before the moving crew’s arrival.
  • First, the driver & crew will get the truck situated and introduce themselves.
  • The driver will then take a quick tour through the home. This ensures a thorough understanding of what is to be moved and determines any items that may require special handling.
  • Before any items are moved out of the home, you can expect the crew to protect high traffic areas with floor protection and pads for the door jams.
  • Once the residence is protected, the inventorying, wrapping, and loading of furniture will begin.
  • Your move coordinator will reach out during the loading process to check in. If any issues should arrive before then, please feel free to call your move coordinator.
  • Once items have been loaded and secured, the crew will conduct a final walk through with you.
  • You will receive updates from move coordinator on estimated arrival times.
  • For long distance moves, the driver will call to confirm 24 hours in advance prior to arriving to your new home.

Check out our video below to know what to expect on moving day!

  • Be fully present on move day
  • Make sure that all walkways are clear and are accessible to the crew
  • Be clear on where items should be placed in your new home
  • Be available to take calls from your move coordinator as they check in to see how the move is going

If any item or property is damage you will receive a claim form in which you will fill out the item/(s) that are damaged and will send the claim form to our customer success team in which they will work with you through the claims process.