5 Reasons To Move In The Fall

5 Reasons to Move In the Fall - Featured Image

5 Reasons To Move In The Fall If you know anything about New England, then you know it’s one of the most spectacular places to be in Fall. The colors are breathtaking, and the air is crisp and dry. And if you are moving to a new home in the Fall, we couldn’t think of […]

Don’t Pack These Essential Things You Need on Moving Day

At this Boston moving company, we love to pack boxes. Doesn’t everyone? It’s part of what we do for our customers and we enjoy making sure their entire journey from start to finish is as stress-free as we can possibly make it for them. But we do realize that for some, packing is the most […]

Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sale

We get it, you love your furniture and everything you have placed in your home over the years. We all have our own individual tastes and styles, but what we like might not be for everyone. And that’s why, if you are planning on selling your home this spring or summer, it’s a great idea […]

Tackling A Laboratory Relocation Requires Planning, Patience, and Expertise

While moving a family or even an entire office can prove to be a stressful experience, relocating a company that has an extreme specialty can be challenging to say the least. There are desks, chairs, and other company property that must be moved on time and protected, along with the technology a company uses including […]

Can You Deduct Moving Expenses On Your Taxes?

Stressed by tax season? Relax! You may be able to deduct some $ thanks to your move. Let’s see if you qualify: If your relocation in 2017 was brought on by a new job or if you changed jobs during the process, you might be eligible for a tax break! If your relocation meets the 3 simple requirements […]

Decluttering Tips – Organize Your Way To A Stress Free Home

Whether you are downsizing for a move, settling into your new home, or just looking to spruce up your long time dwelling – the start of the new year is the perfect time to declutter. Studies have shown that clutter does more than just get in the way – it can have profound psychological, stressful […]

What Actions By Me Limit or Reduce My Mover’s Liability?

Do not make these costly mistakes. Your actions may limit or reduce your mover’s normal liability under the following three circumstances. If you include perishables, dangerous, or hazardous materials in your household goods without your mover’s knowledge. Here are 10 common non-allowable items that you will need to address prior to your pack and load […]

Don’t Pack These 10 Non-Allowable Items

Before your possessions are packed and loaded, it is important that you understand which items cannot be shipped because they represent a hazard or are perishable. Listed below are 10 common non-allowable items that you will need to address prior to your pack and load dates. Gasoline Fireworks Nail Polish & Nail Polish Remover Liquid Bleach […]

Relocating for Work – Ask the Humboldt Experts

Relocating for work can be a complicated and stressful process. We set out every day moving individuals and families locally, long distance, and even internationally. Whether you are moving across town or across the world, check out these 5 tips to reduce the stress of relocating for work. Research Your Potential New Home How long […]

Moving to Australia

G’day! Planning a move to Australia? Personal belongings entering Australia are subject to bio-security control. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources may inspect your goods. Relax! Our International Moving Experts at Humboldt will help you through the process. Some items may require treatment or may be destroyed or exported at your expense. There are a […]