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Packing up your kitchen with less stress

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience. However, one of the most challenging parts of the moving process is packing up your kitchen. With so many dishes, utensils, appliances, and other items, it can be difficult to know where to start and how to pack everything safely. Here are some quick packing tips from our experts on how to pack your kitchen for moving. The basics! First, it is important to start packing early. (yes, we say this all the time…) Don't wait until the last minute to begin packing up your kitchen. This will make the

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A few expert moving tips if you are downsizing this year

Downsizing to a new home can be a new opportunity. And it is a chance to declutter, simplify, and create a new chapter in your life. It can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially when it comes to the actual process of moving. So it is wise to be as prepared as possible. Here are some tips from our experts to help make the transition to a smaller home, as smooth as possible. Plan, plan, plan… First, start planning early. The more time you have to prepare, the less stressful the process will be. Make a list of everything

7 types of boxes you need when moving

When it comes to moving, one of the most important things to consider is the type of boxes you'll need to pack everything in your home. There are various types of moving boxes, each with its own specific uses. Here are some of the most common boxes you'll need when planning your move. And don’t forget, you can get them from your moving company. Small moving boxes: These are the most useful type of moving box and are generally used for packing smaller items such as books, kitchen items, and other heavier items. They come in a variety of

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What should I do with the food in my house when moving?

This is a common question we get here at Humboldt Storage and Moving. What can I do with my food when I move to a new home? Well, you can't starve leading up to the moving day so discussing the food in your home is important. If you're moving and worried about what to do with the food items in your home, check out tips from our moving experts. What types of food can I take with me when moving? Typically, the best advice when moving with food is to take nonperishable items with you. These foods are typically canned,

Should I hire professional packing services for my move?

Hiring professional packers when you are moving can be a game changer. It's just that simple. We're not talking about the football team; we're talking about experts in the art of packing a home safely and securely. If you want to lower your stress, save time, and get everything to your new home with the Peace of Mind of no damage, professional packing services may be the way to go. If you are moving soon and are dreading the thought of packing everything in your home, check out why hiring professionals can make an enormous difference when moving. Professional

It’s not just the boxes-it’s the packing materials

You always hear us talking about obtaining and using the correct boxes when moving. It's one of the foundations of having a stress-free move. Using the correct size boxes as well as boxes that are sturdy enough to withstand the contents and the move, is critical. But with packing comes using the correct packing materials. So if you're getting ready to move to a new home and starting the packing process, check out some of the essential packing materials that you'll need to protect your items and reduce your stress. Uninked newsprint You may be tempted to use regular newspapers

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What else do I need when packing for an upcoming move?

We know from experience as a moving company that many do not like the process of packing for a move. But unless you contact us for our professional packing services, you'll need to carve out some time to pack everything in your home. Not only that but you'll need the right boxes, packing materials as well as the proper tools to get the job done. When you get started on packing for your move, you'll want to have everything handy. If you have to keep running out to the store to get items, you'll waste a ton of time

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One moving mistake you do not want to make

Sometimes we have a little fun here at Humboldt Storage and Moving when it comes to shooting videos about some of the moving mistakes people make. While some mistakes can cause customers money and time and add unnecessary stress to a move, sometimes those mistakes get resolved due to our trained moving professionals. Nevertheless, the fewer mistakes everyone makes leading up to moving day will only help you have Peace of Mind as you journey to your next home. One mistake when moving is not having a plan for all your pets. Make sure you know where your pets are

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Using the right boxes will make your move much easier

There are a number of important factors when it comes to having a stress-free move to a new home. And one of the must-haves when it comes to ensuring you don't add any stress to your move is to use the proper boxes for packing. In fact, using the wrong boxes or boxes that are not up to the challenge is one of the best ways to add some chaos to moving. Ask your moving company for the correct boxes You may have gone to the grocery store to get boxes when you moved as a college student but if

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Tips for moving to a warmer climate

As a moving company in Boston and one of the top Interstate moving companies in the northeast, we know something about moving people out of the Boston area. Many homeowners for various reasons decide they would like to move to a warmer climate. Maybe they're done with shoveling snow and traffic jams or just looking for a more relaxed way of living. If you have decided to move to a warmer climate, here are a few quick tips to get you thinking before you hit the road. Understand the climate you are moving to Some of the top destinations