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Packing Tips

Ways to prepare for your upcoming moving survey

Congratulations, you have called the moving company and you have begun the process of a stress-free move. To continue that theme of stress reduction, your next step is to get ready for your moving survey. That's where your moving professional will be able to give you an accurate moving estimate. Having an accurate estimate is going to go a long way in giving you Peace of Mind for your upcoming move as well as your ability to budget moving forward. Plus, the last thing you want is any surprises on moving day because your movers didn't see everything. So let's

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What types of boxes should I use for moving?

If you are wondering what type of boxes are best when moving to a new home, our experts have you covered here. Below will run through briefly the more popular type of boxes and when you should use them. Because our goal here is to make sure you have a move that is stress-free, we want to make sure that you cover one of the most important aspects of your move and that's packing properly. And when it comes to making sure you pack everything in your home the right way, you're going to want to use the correct

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Tips for packing up your garage and other storage areas

If you've ever moved to a new home, you know there are items all around your house that, with a little work fit nicely into a box. Those items include clothing, books, and even dishes with the proper boxes. But there are other areas in your home such as your garage or your storage shed that have items in it that could be difficult to pack in a traditional box. Some of these items may not even fit in a box. So it's important to understand how you're going to move these items to your new home. Check out these

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How to protect furniture when moving to a new home

Let's face it, the majority of items you are going to be moving when you are relocating to your new home will be your furniture. We do not find many homes that do not have at least a couple of pieces of furniture in each room of the house so as you might imagine, this is going to be the bulk of your move. Because of that, you as a homeowner are going to want Peace of Mind knowing that your furniture is going to be protected throughout your entire move. Your moving company will do everything they can to

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How moving companies save you time

Moving is a big job and if you have ever moved to a new home, there is no doubt in your mind that you'll need to spend countless hours getting ready for the relocation. But it doesn't have to be endless hours on your part if you use the right moving company. Moving companies exist for many reasons as you might imagine but one of the main reasons is that they save you tremendous amounts of time. If you've ever tried to move yourself and ask all your buddies to chip in, you know just how much is involved when

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How to protect TV’s, computers and other technology during a move to a new home

We are often asked about what to pack, what not to pack, and items that need even extra packing for an upcoming move. Many of those questions revolve around technology. Since our lives depend on it now, it makes perfect sense you would have a whole host of different devices around the home. Those can include computers, video games, televisions and even personal technology devices. Here are some guidelines for protecting all your electronic devices when you move to your new home. Protecting televisions during your move Let’s tackle the big items first, the TV. The best and most affordable

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How to downsize your home with less stress

Are you ready for a simpler life? Tired of mowing that lawn every week or even shoveling the snow that comes with living in New England? Maybe you're tired of cleaning that four-bedroom house with multiple bathrooms. Whatever your reason, downsizing to a newer home that is more manageable, is a great choice for many. But downsizing can be stressful too. Leaving that big home with four-plus bedrooms and getting yourself into a smaller home or even a condo or apartment has become more and more widespread. You know what we always say; Moving is stressful. But when you “have

4 stress-free tips to help you get packing for an upcoming move

Alright, it's time to move. Maybe you got a new job or a promotion, maybe you're downsizing or maybe you just decided you're moving to Florida from Boston. No matter why you're moving, there's one thing that absolutely needs to be done and needs to be planned. And that is packing for a move. But packing up your house doesn't just happen. We know you'd like that because many people don't like packing. But it goes without saying, it's a necessary part of moving. So what's the best way to get ready for packing up your home? Here are a

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Packing for a move made easy

Guess what? Moving can actually be exciting for you and your family. Now we understand there is a little work to get there and get comfortable in your new home but once you get there it can be fun. Just think about all the new areas and rooms in your house that you can decorate and make your own. And if you choose a home that fits your needs, hopefully, you found a nice relaxing yard to enjoy countless hours in the outdoors. But if you have ever moved before then you know one of the first steps is

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What should I do first after moving to a new home?

You and your family have gone through the entire moving process. You packed everything in your previous home, hired a local moving company, put everything on their trucks, and transported all that to your new home. Your moving crew placed all your furniture and other heavy items where you asked them to and now you are left with what could be countless boxes to unpack. And that could be just the start of what you need to do to feel more comfortable in your new home after moving. What should you do to make your new house a home

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