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Packing Tips

Packing for a move made easy

Guess what? Moving can actually be exciting for you and your family. Now we understand there is a little work to get there and get comfortable in your new home but once you get there it can be fun. Just think about all the new areas and rooms in your house that you can decorate and make your own. And if you choose a home that fits your needs, hopefully, you found a nice relaxing yard to enjoy countless hours in the outdoors. But if you have ever moved before then you know one of the first steps is

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What should I do first after moving to a new home?

You and your family have gone through the entire moving process. You packed everything in your previous home, hired a local moving company, put everything on their trucks, and transported all that to your new home. Your moving crew placed all your furniture and other heavy items where you asked them to and now you are left with what could be countless boxes to unpack. And that could be just the start of what you need to do to feel more comfortable in your new home after moving. What should you do to make your new house a home

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What should come first on my moving checklist?

You make checklists for grocery shopping. You make worksheets for all your projects at your job. And you make lists for your holiday shopping. And if you're moving, which might be just one of the largest projects you ever tackle, you're going to need a checklist. It's that simple. Having a checklist for your move is absolutely critical. Because we still need to live our lives, work on jobs, get the kids to school and help them with their homework while getting ready for a move, you're certain to forget a few things if you don't have everything in writing.

What should I do before the moving company arrives?

Moving can be a stressful experience for many. And we emphasize the word CAN, because moving does not have to be stressful. If you plan accordingly, leave enough time to get everything accomplished that goes with moving to a new home and you contact a local moving company far in advance, you should experience a stress-free move. Before your moving company arrives on moving day, there are several tasks that should be accomplished before the truck pulls up to your house. If these are left undone, your moving day could end up chaotic. Here are a few examples of what

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Do not make these 5 packing mistakes

We see moving mistakes all the time and those also come in the form of mistakes during the packing process. We get it, you probably are not thrilled about packing but if you're going to move and you want to limit injuries and be organized at the same time, you will want to pack properly. Here are a few common moving mistakes when it comes to packing that we see. Putting off packing until the last minute Do you want to get stressed out? Then wait until the last day to start packing. That's one way you can experience

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Packing Small Appliances for an Upcoming Move

Packing your small appliances for an upcoming move Look around your home and you will see dozens up small items that need to be packed during a move. As they have become part of your home for so long, when you actually need to relocate, you may be surprised at how many of these small appliances and other items will need to be wrapped and packed to get to your new home. Just think about all these items in your home. Start in the kitchen. You have toasters, toaster ovens, waffle irons, coffee machines and so many more kitchen

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Tips for packing your kitchen before a move

Tips for packing your kitchen before a move Your kitchen may not be the largest room in the house, but it surely has the most amount of items in your home. You have all shapes and sizes of possessions in your kitchen. From silver Ware, glasses, plates, and even small appliances. You even have heavy items such as frying pans and cast-iron skillets. And then of course you have all that kitchen furniture. So, as you can see, there is a lot of packing to do when it comes to your kitchen and all the items in it. Here

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Why Hire a Professional Packing Service for Your Move?

Why hire a professional packing service for your move? When you have decided to move it would be so nice to just snap your fingers and have all your belongings in your new home just like that. But we all know that is not a reality. We must pack pretty much everything we own before it is safely placed on the moving van. Even if you were moving locally, transporting your items requires packing them in a manner so they will not get damaged during transport. You can pack everything on your own, and of course many families do,

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How Do I Pack Plates For Moving?

How do I pack plates for moving? If you are moving, then no doubt you are going to have to pack up your kitchen. One of the most common questions our experts get here at Humboldt is how you should wrap plates for moving to a new home. While many moving companies offer this service, some homeowners and families choose to pack everything by themselves. That is a personal choice but if you are going to pack your kitchen, you'll want to know exactly how to pack breakable items. First, make sure you have the proper boxes

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Shelter In Place Packing Supplies

Summer Cleaning During The COVID-19 Quarantine If you are like many families we have been talking with lately, you are starting to look around your house during the COVID-19 quarantine and have decided to do some summer cleaning. That could be your basement, maybe you have not been in your attic in years or you have clothing that you would like to donate or store away. Wherever the clutter is in your home, Humboldt is ready to help get those projects completed while we are all staying at home and practicing social distancing. If you are looking for a

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