Moving art is, well is an art…

What makes our art moving division here in Boston different from others is the level of training our team members receive. Everyone here who handles art or other high-value items has undergone extensive training on caring for and moving these types of items. When you hire Humboldt to move or provide storage for your art or antiques, we have dedicated staff taking care of all your needs. If you need to move your high-value items to another part of the country, we have a trusted network of art moving professionals around the United States.

High-end art storage in Boston

If you’re looking for a storage facility for art near Boston, we can provide you with the safest choice for your priceless collections. Immense planning went into creating the climate-controlled and secure storage facility here for art and other high-value items. Our storage facilities and custom-built vaults have been meticulously scrutinized by major insurance companies to provide you with the Peace of Mind you need. Whether you are an art collector or have a few family items that need protection, we provide one of the safest spaces in the northeast. We have 24-hour state-of-the-art digital monitoring, water detection, heat, and smoke detection, as well as audio sensors. Your art is safe with Humboldt.

Humboldt storage facility
Forklift in our storage facility

Custom crating for art and antiques

We have an entire division and trained experts in building custom crates for art and antiquities. When we move and store your priceless possessions, we build a custom crate meant just for that item. Whether we are transporting that item to our art storage facility near Boston or across the country, you’ll be comforted to know that our custom crating will protect your high-value items from possible damage.

One of the most trusted art moving and storage companies in the nation!

  • Impeccable white-glove handling and customer service
  • Furniture repair and restoration by experienced artisans
  • Innovative/custom techniques for packing and crating
  • Transport professionals with high-level expertise
  • Precise climate and temperature-controlled storage
  • Custom vaults suited to specific needs
  • Nationwide storage available

The expertise to handle sizable collections and projects.

We help ensure art that matters today is here for generations to come. Humboldt can accommodate the handling, installation and storage of any collection — private or institutional. With services that include museum relocation’s, project management and collection management.

Residential Moving

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Residential Moving

Storage & Archival Facilities

Our 135,000 sf state-of-the-art storage and warehouse facility is equipped to handle everything you own with the utmost care.