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School is back in session-are you moving?

For many families and working professionals, having school back in session is a game changer. We love our kiddos but having them back in school gives us a sense of routine that allows us to get a few hours back during the day. However, some of us for various reasons, may have to move to a new home while the kids are in school. Check out some of our tips for transitioning to a new home while the kids are still attending school. Communication is key No matter the age of your children, you must be open about the move

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Farmer’s Almanac predicting snowy winter-are you moving this winter?

The Farmer’s Almanac has come out with their forecast for the 2023-2024 winter season. They are predicting higher-than-average snow as well as lower-than-average temperatures. If you are planning a move this winter, you'll want to be prepared for what could be an active winter season. Here's a few tips from our moving experts in Boston about how to get ready for a winter move given the recent Farmer’s Almanac predictions. Planning ahead for your winter move Planning for any move regardless of the season is mission critical. But if you're moving to a new home in New England in

Retiring? Here are 5 great reasons to consider downsizing your home

If you have just retired or retirement is on your radar, you may also be thinking about the next stage of your life. One common path for many retirees is downsizing to a smaller home. You may have become an empty nester, you are tired of dusting and cleaning all those rooms and it's time for a change of pace. If downsizing to a smaller home is one of your goals for the near future, check out all the positive aspects of moving to a more manageable home. Achieving more financial freedom by downsizing Downsizing to a smaller home gives

4 important factors if you are relocating employees

If your organization is beginning the process of relocating employees to other areas of the country or internationally, there are a number of factors that you'll need to take into consideration. The cost of moving employees This should be top of mind for anyone in management or human resources professionals. Moving employees will require resources from your organization so it's important to have a detailed budget. Some of the items in that budget include transportation, temporary housing, the moving company of course or other expenses related to the relocation. Will you need to provide long-term storage for your employees? There

3 important factors if you are moving to a new home in 2023

The economy is changing here in the United States and globally. It's no secret that economic conditions have been affecting several areas and will continue to change in the coming year. While the economy, good or bad, can change the direction of business, it can also change the direction of life choices, including moving to a new home. If you are considering relocating this coming year, our experts have put together some simple advice to help you navigate your moving experience in 2023. Work closely with your real estate professional Many factors can change when the economy changes, including real

3 important tasks to do when you get to your new home

We often talk about important factors to get you ready for moving day here on our blog, but your moving journey doesn't stop on moving day. Guess what, you'll need to unpack unless you've hired professional packing services, get acquainted with your new home and move household items around to your liking. There are many other important tasks that you'll need to do once you get to your new home. Here are just a few. Update your address There are so many places where you will need to ensure that your address is current. Those include your driver’s license, medical

Should I leave large items behind when moving?

Homeowners always ask our moving consultants about some of the ways they can make moving easier, stress-free and, in some cases, less expensive. One of the ways to accomplish the goal of an easier move is to consider leaving behind some of the larger items in your home. There are several ways to make that happen and, in the process, make a move much more manageable. If you are moving soon and considering which large items to take with you or leave behind, here are a few ways to do so from our expert moving team. Consider donating furniture to

3 big moving mistakes to avoid

Moving can be a complex event in your life. We get it, you're running a family, working your job, and all your other personal commitments. And then you must pack up your home and move. And of course, there are many other things to do with moving, such as changing your address, contacting utilities, and so on. So you don't want to make a mistake. Sometimes, homeowners and others make mistakes during the moving process that could have been avoided. Here are just a few moving mistakes to get you thinking… And planning. Springing day of surprises on the movers

3 must do’s for moving in the winter

As a New England moving company, we know a little bit about moving in the winter months. After moving families for well over 100 years, we've endured countless winters and thousands of moving jobs in the cold weather. If you are moving this winter, you'll want to be as prepared as possible. Here are a few basic tips for getting ready for your winter move. Be ready for any type of weather Any moving company in Massachusetts and anywhere in the northeast will tell you that you need to be prepared for any type of weather when moving in

Should I hire professional packing services for my move?

Hiring professional packers when you are moving can be a game changer. It's just that simple. We're not talking about the football team; we're talking about experts in the art of packing a home safely and securely. If you want to lower your stress, save time, and get everything to your new home with the Peace of Mind of no damage, professional packing services may be the way to go. If you are moving soon and are dreading the thought of packing everything in your home, check out why hiring professionals can make an enormous difference when moving. Professional