There comes a time when the adult children of aging parents need to increase their responsibilities. One trend we see is often when parents need to move closer to family or into some assisted living facility. Many times, that requires moving to another state.

If you find yourself having to move your aging parents, several items should be on your To Do List. But here are a few that are critical to accomplishing before you move a parent out of state.

Changing address is important

While you should definitely visit the post office to change your parent’s address, one of the more important tasks is to change your address with Social Security. If your parents are receiving Medicare benefits, contacting a local Social Security office is your best bet.

If your parents use any other services such as cell phone service, it’s important to contact these companies as soon as possible. And of course, don’t forget the credit cards and banking.

Make sure health care is a priority

If your parents have health insurance over and above Medicare, it’s important to contact that health insurance provider to let them know your parents will be moving. Make sure you transfer any prescriptions to a new local pharmacy. And if there are ongoing health concerns, it’s important to get the guidance from a physician before embarking on your move.

Stay positive

No one likes the process of aging. And moving out of a home where you have lived for many years can be a major adjustment. It’s important for the adult children of aging parents to stay as positive as possible. In short, keep your cool and try hard not to exhibit any type of stress you may be going through to your parents.

The process of moving your aging parents can be stressful for everyone and it’s important to pause as often as you need to put everyone at ease.

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