Examples of items needing climate-controlled storage:

  • High-end and heirloom quality furniture, wood and/or upholstery
  • Archival materials including documents, photos, film and artifacts
  • Musical instruments including pianos, string instruments and woodwinds
  • Sensitive digital/electronics items including computers, cameras, storage drives, magnetic media

Why consider climate-controlled storage?

If you have storage needs that require the best protection, placing them in a climate-controlled warehouse is your best choice. Temperature and humidity are consistently monitored to keep conditions as even as possible. This is particularly critical when you have items such as important records, wooden furniture, wine collections as well as art and antiques. If you need the comfort and Peace of Mind that your items are free from damage, it’s important to place them in a climate-controlled environment.

Humboldt storage facility
Forklift in our storage facility

The advantages of Humboldt’s climate-controlled storage warehouse

One clear advantage of placing your items in our temperature-controlled facility is that we are also one of the most established moving companies in Greater Boston. Why does that matter? Humboldt can handle every aspect of your logistics. For example, if you are placing high-value items in our climate-controlled storage facility, we take great care during every part of the transportation and storage process. Our moving and warehouse crews go through extensive training to ensure your items are protected every step of the way and that includes how they are transported to and from our storage facility.

Why trust Humboldt’s climate control storage facility?

Humboldt Storage and Moving was founded in 1905 and has a rich history of transporting and protecting items for families and the business community. But beyond that, every attention to detail has been placed in the construction of our storage facility and the safety measures at every level. That includes consistent monitoring of temperature and humidity, security including 24/7 monitoring, and the extensive training our warehouse professionals undergo.

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Humboldt storage facility
Movers moving boxes on a dolly

Storage & Warehousing

At Humboldt Storage & Moving, safeguarding your possessions in waiting is as important as protecting them in transit.

Movers moving boxes on a dolly

Distribution & Logistics

At Humboldt Storage and Moving, our ability to address a wide range of warehousing needs is augmented by our capabilities to deliver anything where and when you need it.

Movers moving boxes on a dolly


Humboldt Storage and Moving has the fine art storage and logistics expertise to ensure that piece has the requisite protection to arrive safely at your new home.

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Awesome Storage Facility!

This is my 3rd move with Humboldt and I have items in storage as well…. Humboldt is an amazing company and gives personal attention on moving details and are exceptional movers and work to insure every detail is met for the customer.