Examples of items needing climate-controlled storage:

  • High-end and heirloom quality furniture, wood and/or upholstery
  • Archival materials including documents, photos, film and artifacts
  • Musical instruments including pianos, string instruments and woodwinds
  • Sensitive digital/electronics items including computers, cameras, storage drives, magnetic media

A “working” extension for in-house operations.

Due to their own space limitations, companies often rent offsite warehouse units for records storage/retrieval, adjunct inventory/distribution activities and so on. Climate-controlled spaces ensure optimum all-season protection for valuable documents, equipment and products — while providing a comfortable working environment in frequently accessed units.




A mover packing objects and furniture

Something different.

With us, worldwide damage-free delivery is both an art and a science.

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Forklift in our storage facility

State-of-the-art storage for your belongings in waiting.

Safeguarding your possessions with the utmost care begins with Humboldt’s leading-edge 135,000 sf storage warehouse — equipped with temperature-controlled storage and climate-controlled storage as well as high-end custom vaulting and advanced 24/7 security.

When storage is required outside of Massachusetts, including for international moving, Humboldt can accommodate and manage those needs through one of our partner agents across the globe.

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Storage & Warehousing

At Humboldt Storage & Moving, safeguarding your possessions in waiting is as important as protecting them in transit.

Movers moving boxes on a dolly

Distribution & Logistics

At Humboldt Storage and Moving, our ability to address a wide range of warehousing needs is augmented by our capabilities to deliver anything where and when you need it.

Movers moving boxes on a dolly


Whether it’s a priceless piece of fine art, a valuable antique or a simply irreplaceable personal treasure, Humboldt Storage and Moving has the fine art storage and logistics expertise to ensure that piece has the requisite protection to arrive safely at your new home.