Homeowners always ask our moving consultants about some of the ways they can make moving easier, stress-free and, in some cases, less expensive.

One of the ways to accomplish the goal of an easier move is to consider leaving behind some of the larger items in your home. There are several ways to make that happen and, in the process, make a move much more manageable.

If you are moving soon and considering which large items to take with you or leave behind, here are a few ways to do so from our expert moving team.

Consider donating furniture to local charities

One of the easier ways to lighten the load of your move and support your community in the process is to donate furniture to a charity. In almost every region, furniture banks now collect various types of furniture and supply those to local families in need. They typically work with other local social service organizations to identify families that need furniture. In many cases, volunteers will show up to your home and retrieve these items.

Negotiate leaving furniture behind with the new homeowner

If you work with your professional real estate agent, you may be able to negotiate leaving certain furniture behind. You might even find that the person purchasing your home left their furniture behind and now has a need. Some common items left behind are pool tables, heavy dining room furniture, sofas and fitness equipment.

Disposing of old furniture

If you’ve owned furniture for some time, you may want to inspect the condition of these items. You may find that donating to a furniture bank will not be an option and older furniture may not be attractive to the new homeowner. You may want to consider contacting a local disposal service prior to moving day.

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