Corporate Moving

5 things to look for when choosing a reputable commercial moving company

Choosing a commercial moving company takes careful consideration. After all, business and profitability are at stake and you and your team should be comfortable knowing that you have chosen the right company for your office relocation. Here are five things that are mission-critical to having a successful commercial move for your business. A dedicated point of contact When you're spearheading a commercial move, the moving company you choose should provide you with a dedicated point of contact for the entire moving process. You should have their email address, direct dial phone number and even a mobile phone number. You should

5 great reasons to consider moving your office

Our team has been serving as corporate movers for decades. Many organizations small and large have worked with us successfully as they move their office in and around Boston. We have found many reasons why the organizations we work with embark on an office relocation. Some are forced to do so for various reasons but others choose to move to a new location to create a better environment and circumstances. If you're looking for a few positive reasons to relocate your office, check out our office relocation tips here. Growing your company through workforce expansion If your organization is experiencing

How to coordinate moving furniture during an office move

One of the biggest challenges an organization could face during an office relocation is the logistics surrounding moving office furniture. It doesn't have to be a challenge but furniture is obviously the biggest part of your office relocation. That can include desks, cubicle arrangements, conference room furniture and other bulky items. Here are a number of ways from our office relocation experts here in Boston to make moving furniture to your new office much less stressful. Develop a detailed list of what's going to the new office Your organization must decide what type of furniture is traveling with you on

4 important factors if you are relocating employees

If your organization is beginning the process of relocating employees to other areas of the country or internationally, there are a number of factors that you'll need to take into consideration. The cost of moving employees This should be top of mind for anyone in management or human resources professionals. Moving employees will require resources from your organization so it's important to have a detailed budget. Some of the items in that budget include transportation, temporary housing, the moving company of course or other expenses related to the relocation. Will you need to provide long-term storage for your employees? There

Moving your office soon? The importance of having a project manager

If your organization is considering moving your offices soon, you are going to need a project manager. It's just that simple. We've conducted a number of office relocations in Greater Boston and beyond and we can tell you that the successful office moves we have been involved in have one thing in common. There is one central point of contact that is spearheading the entire office move. Here are a number of items from our office relocation experts that your project manager should keep a close eye on. Planning an office move Creating a detailed plan and timeline for

3 ways to make your office move a teambuilding event

An office move can affect more than just the business itself. It can also affect your employees because circumstances surrounding their employment with you could change. That could include their commute, getting used to a new office, and mobility issues. Exhibiting a culture of collaboration with everyone on your team is one of the best ways to make an office move much more relaxing. If you want to get your entire team involved in your upcoming office relocation, and even make it a fun experience, our experts have a few quick tips for you to consider. Give employees opportunities

3 keys to a successful office relocation

Moving a corporate office regardless of the size can be a substantial undertaking. But it does not have to be stressful if planned appropriately. Several exciting things can happen during an office relocation. You have a chance to create new settings for your team, make them part of the process and even invest in new technology to make everyone's lives easier at work. If you are considering an office relocation this year, there are three big factors that you and your team need to consider before starting the process. Designate an office relocation team and meet with them While it

Important considerations for your laboratory relocation

Our team has conducted countless laboratory moves and research facility relocations over the years. As you might imagine, these types of projects have a certain level of complexity to them. Moving a laboratory or a life sciences facility requires an incredible amount of planning, communication, and the need to work together. It also takes patience on everyone's part. There are many reasons why organizations need to move a laboratory or research facility such as new projects, increased funding, or the need for more space. If you're in the beginning of that process, here are a few basic starting points. Make

5 Reasons to partner with Humboldt for your corporate relocations

There are many reasons why more and more organizations are trusting Humboldt Storage and Moving to handle their corporate relocations. Countless businesses of all sizes have worked closely with our corporate relocation team here in Boston to get employees and other executives packed and ready for new opportunities. And because we offer a wide variety of support for employees moving, it provides a stress-free experience for both them as well as the organization. Here are just a few reasons why we are the go-to moving company for corporate relocations here in the Northeast. Corporate relocations from Boston As you know,

Tips for making your next office move hassle free

If your organization has decided to move into new office space or other facilities, you want to make sure your entire moving process is buttoned up tightly with little room for error. Regardless of the size of your business, it is important that you are ready for every step of a corporate relocation. Our team has been handling corporate relocations in Boston for many years so here are a few tips from our office moving experts about how to conduct a stress-free move to a new location. Start planning your office move far in advance Like any move, you should