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Corporate Moving

Office Set-Up

Let Humboldt’s commercial office expertise help your organization keep your employees and customers safe while feeling comfortable Your organization had to quickly respond to the COVID-19 crisis in many ways. First, you needed to ensure that everyone on your team was safe and that your offices were as clean as they could be. Then you had to, in record time, get your team working remotely as best you could. In-person meetings were now done through Zoom or another video platform and you had to respond to other ways of doing business in this new environment. Now, your team may

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Humboldt Case Study = Moving A Bio-Tech Company

Experience Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Greater Boston was entrusted recently with a time-sensitive and detailed move of a lab and offices of a Boston-area therapeutics company. Humboldt has executed numerous moves of this nature over the years that required painstaking planning and detailed oversight and was a natural choice for this project. While many might think of a moving company as a service for those moving their hom