An office move can affect more than just the business itself. It can also affect your employees because circumstances surrounding their employment with you could change.

That could include their commute, getting used to a new office, and mobility issues.

Exhibiting a culture of collaboration with everyone on your team is one of the best ways to make an office move much more relaxing.

If you want to get your entire team involved in your upcoming office relocation, and even make it a fun experience, our experts have a few quick tips for you to consider.

Give employees opportunities to discuss paint colors and other design elements

You may be considering new paint and other design elements such as buildouts for your new office. One way to have your employees be a meaningful part of the process is to give them an opportunity to discuss and present these.

One of the first ways is to allow them to walk through your upcoming office space. Once they do that, the team can get back together and discuss ways the office would operate smoothly with certain changes.

And of course, don’t forget offering a number of paint color options.

Have employees design the new break room

One way to really increase the collaboration with your team is to allow them to present ideas for areas such as the break room. Give them a budget as well as certain parameters that you are comfortable with and have them come back with ideas.

That could be a snack area, a refrigerator, or even games and a TV to allow them to relax briefly during the day. At Humboldt, our employees have enjoyed our relaxation room which our team members have enjoyed immensely over the years.

Have a party at your new office

You and your team can celebrate new beginnings by having an office moving party once you’re all moved in. This is a chance for management to show their appreciation for the efforts the team put in to the office move and it’s a greater opportunity to plan for the future in your new surroundings.

Ask a handful of employee volunteers to spearhead the post move party and allow them to make it their own celebration.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!