Moving a corporate office regardless of the size can be a substantial undertaking. But it does not have to be stressful if planned appropriately.

Several exciting things can happen during an office relocation. You have a chance to create new settings for your team, make them part of the process and even invest in new technology to make everyone’s lives easier at work.

If you are considering an office relocation this year, there are three big factors that you and your team need to consider before starting the process.

Designate an office relocation team and meet with them

While it might seem counterintuitive to get your employees involved in moving your office, doing so can give them a sense of buy-in as to how you’ll proceed to your next office location. Give your team a voice in your office move and how they would like to see your new office setup and function. Of course they’ll have to do some work, but this is a great way to rally the team around your move.

Get the office organized now

If your organization has been in your office location for any length of time, our experience tells us that you have probably accumulated a fair number of items that you could consider disposing of. This includes items that could be thrown out or donated. For example, almost every company has a closet full of old technology.

Make decisions on your office furniture

This is another opportunity for your team to decide how your new office would like to look. You may decide that it’s time for an upgrade of your office furniture. If you move all your furniture to your new office, that will add to the costs associated with your move. If you purchase or lease new office equipment, you’ve created new surroundings and you may just save money on delivery costs.

Of course there is more to an office relocation than the above so contact our experts today if you’re thinking about moving your office this year.


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