If your organization is considering moving your offices soon, you are going to need a project manager. It’s just that simple.

We’ve conducted a number of office relocations in Greater Boston and beyond and we can tell you that the successful office moves we have been involved in have one thing in common. There is one central point of contact that is spearheading the entire office move.

Here are a number of items from our office relocation experts that your project manager should keep a close eye on.

Planning an office move

Creating a detailed plan and timeline for your office relocation is important. This includes a detailed checklist of tasks, deadlines, and any vendors such as moving companies specializing in office relocations.

A budget for office moves

Your project manager, working with others in leadership should develop a budget for your office relocation. That includes hiring an office moving company, furniture options and other equipment and any other costs associated with moving your office.

Communication during an office move is mission critical

Your project manager also needs to put a plan in place to communicate with all stakeholders including employees, vendors, IT and infrastructure and anyone else associated with your organization.

Furniture decisions during an office move

There are many decisions required when it comes to furniture for your new office. Will you be moving furniture from one office to the next? Will you be purchasing new furniture? How will you dispose of old furniture?

Moving day

Your project manager will be the key contact with your office relocation company. All aspects of moving day will go through your one key contact. This will not only streamline communication, it will ultimately lower the stress for all team members.

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