There are many reasons why more and more organizations are trusting Humboldt Storage and Moving to handle their corporate relocations. Countless businesses of all sizes have worked closely with our corporate relocation team here in Boston to get employees and other executives packed and ready for new opportunities. And because we offer a wide variety of support for employees moving, it provides a stress-free experience for both them as well as the organization.

Here are just a few reasons why we are the go-to moving company for corporate relocations here in the Northeast.

Corporate relocations from Boston

As you know, and you may be one of them, there are many organizations based in Boston with additional locations and campuses around the country. Because our home base is here in the heart of Massachusetts, we have the unique capabilities to relocate your employees from the Northeast. Our central New England location is perfect for organizations such as pharmaceutical, biotech firms universities, financial institutions, and technology companies that need to relocate team members.

A global reach with our corporate relocations

Because of our longstanding relationship with United Van Lines, we have a tremendous edge in making your corporate relocations as smooth as possible. We have an incredible network of moving professionals which includes drivers, packing professionals, logistics coordinators, and move managers. We not only move your employees to another state but we have a well-established network around the globe. If you are moving employees to multiple locations around the world, choosing Humboldt is a smart decision. No one matches our international moving experience.

Established moving professionals in Boston

We’re proud to say that many of our team members are long-term employees. They have garnered tremendous experience in corporate relocations, and many are well known in the moving industry for their expertise in this area. When people come to work at Humboldt, they stay and that benefits your corporate relocations.

We conduct moves of all sizes

Whether your employees are looking to move in Massachusetts or they need to relocate to London and beyond, our team members have handled just about every size move. We’ve moved young executives into new condominiums and apartments and we’ve handled corporate relocations for entire families to other countries. No matter the size of the move, our team has extensive experience.

We understand stress

We not only understand the complexity of getting your employees relocated but we also understand the stress that both the organization and the transferee may be under. Everything we do here at Humboldt is meant to reduce the stress for everybody involved. Everyone here lives and breathes the value of minimizing stress and they understand their role during the entire moving process. Organizations and employees are assigned a professional move manager and every move is meticulously planned out and executed.

If you’re looking for a new partner for your corporate relocations, contact our corporate team today!

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