Being a caregiver of aging parents can be stressful to say the least. It seems for many, worrying becomes a way of life and managing that stress is critical.

What can add to your caregiving responsibilities and overall stress is when it is time to relocate a parent into a new home. That could be a smaller apartment or even assisted living.

We have handled a lot of senior moving in Greater Boston over the years. Here are some basic tips to help you get started with the process and get your parents to their new home with less stress.

Senior moving requires extensive planning

When moving your parents into a new home, you may have several options available, so it’s essential to start planning early. Review those options carefully such as moving in with a family member, downsizing to an apartment or various types of assisted living. Involve your parents and other family members in the planning process and make sure they understand what is happening at every stage.

Hire a professional moving company that understands senior moving

Hiring a professional moving company that specializes in moving seniors is essential. A local moving company that understands this is experienced in handling seniors’ unique needs and challenges and can provide packing, transportation, unpacking and settle in services. Using a moving company that specializes in senior moving will lower everyone’s stress, plain and simple.

Senior moving requires decluttering

You and your family members are going to have to make some decisions about decluttering and parting with items that may not be able to be moved to your parents new home. Depending on the situation, whether they are moving in with you or assisted living, you’ll need to spend time decluttering. That involves donating items, spreading them out among family members, storage or disposal.

Consider accessibility

If your parents have mobility issues, it’s essential to consider the accessibility of their new home. Make sure the new home has accessible features such as grab bars in the bathroom, ramps if needed, and wider doorways. Of course if you’re moving your parents into assisted living, this won’t be an issue.

Take care of yourself

If you’re caring for your parents during the move, it’s important for you to understand when to hit the pause button. Be mindful of your own health and take a walk, hit the gym, meditate or whatever is required to lower your own stress.

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