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Tips for finding a moving company

How Humboldt helps you when you’ve had an emergency in your home

Humboldt is one of several moving companies in Boston but one thing that sets us apart from others is our emergency services division. While the majority of our days are spent helping customers move into new homes or to new cities, our emergency services crews are hard at work reducing the stress of homeowners that have suffered a catastrophic event in their homes. We have helped customers around Greater Boston that have had fires, floods, ice dams, wind damage, and other storm damage to their homes. As you might imagine, when your home suffers extensive damage, you may need

Important questions to ask a moving company before making a decision

When you are moving to a new home you are going to want to have Peace of Mind in knowing that you not only chose the right moving company for your relocation but they can do the job that you need. Moving can be stressful as we are sure you are aware of and the last thing you need during your move is a surprise that could stress you and your family out. If you are working with a reputable moving company then you should feel confident knowing that they are licensed, that they offer the right protection for your

What does your move manager do for you?

Every project needs somebody in charge and here, that's your move manager. These professionals play an integral role in your move from beginning to end. Every aspect of your move will go through your move manager and they are your go-to person for all your questions, special requests as well as concerns. So why is your move manager an integral part of your move? Reducing the stress for you and your family While your move manager has many responsibilities and duties during the course of your move, they have one overarching goal. And that is to reduce the stress

What our professional moving crews want you to know about serving you

Each and every day, with few exceptions, our professional movers are helping a customer journey to a new home. It could be around the corner, moving out of state or moving to Boston. And they meet new homeowners every day, get to know the family and pets, and quickly understand the role you have hired them to do. They get to know you including your wants and needs but did you ever wonder about what drives some of our professional movers to help you through what could be a stressful time? Our movers know what you're going through Our moving

How moving companies should protect your home on moving day

As you might imagine, moving day can go pretty fast. The truck shows up, your professional movers greet you at the door, and in no time, those movers are doing what you hired them to do, move you to your new location. And you guessed it, everything you own from your blender in your kitchen all the way to moving your furniture, it all needs to go through your house, through the door and into the moving van. Some items are bulkier than ever such as large dining room furniture or a sofa so it's important to understand how your

What should you buy for your first apartment?

OK all you college grads, those that are entering the workforce, and all you others that are finally venturing out on your own. If you have finally decided to leave the nest and move into your new apartment, we have a few expert tips on how to make your transition as stress-free as possible. Moving to your first apartment can be an exciting process. You're finally out on your own, you have your own space and you can make that space your own however you wish. But you also need a number of items that you probably enjoyed when

When moving, customer experience is more important than customer service

We always hear various companies shouting from the rooftops that they are the best when it comes to customer service. We hear declarations like this. “We have the best customer service in the industry. No one beats our customer service.” While many of these claims may in fact be true, there is much more to serving the customer than customer service. Let's be clear, customer service is a critical part of serving consumers just right. You as a consumer expect the best in customer service. And as a side note, we do believe at this moving company we have

4 ways to manage the stress of moving to a new home

Relax and get moving is more than just a branding tagline here at this Boston moving company. It's what we strive for serving every customer and family. We want to do our part in laying the groundwork so you can enjoy your upcoming move and experience with as little stress as possible. We will do everything we can from the front office to you're moving crews. We'll plan your move with your input and will execute the logistics as smooth as possible. However, there are several things you and your family can do to reduce the stress that you

We’re moving but still need to sell our existing home

We're moving but still need to sell our existing home Today, we reached out to our realtor, Joselin Malkhasian (781) 316 - 5279, Joselin was able to get us a fantastic deal on our current home and let her know our intentions to relocate and put our house on the market. She is so excited for us and has let us know that we could not have picked a better time to sell. We had no idea the market was so hot or what we were in for when we put our home up for sale. But we

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Ready to move? Here’s a few quick tips

There is so much advice on moving to a new home that our experts could supply you with. More than we could offer in a short article. So, we thought we could offer you some of the basic and more popular pieces of advice to make your entire moving adventure, much more relaxing instead of a stressful experience. Moving can cause us stress. That’s no secret. If you have ever moved to a new home, you know this. If you have not moved before, news flash. There are going to be a few challenging moments during your moving process.