If you are a professional real estate agent or broker, you know everything your clients need to go through during a real estate transaction. From getting the house ready for sale, open houses, and choosing a new home, homeowners rely on your expertise to help them feel at ease throughout this process.

An extension of this process is choosing the right moving companies for your clients. Finding the best moving company is part of the entire customer experience that you provide and you should choose carefully.

If you are a real estate agent or broker, here are some of the more important aspects of choosing a moving company for your valued clients.

The reputation of a local moving company matters

If you’re looking for a moving company for your real estate clients, one of the best ways to do that is to ask other professionals in your industry. Many real estate professionals have longstanding relationships with moving companies as you might imagine, and they choose the one that serves their clients best. If your colleagues have had a great experience with movers that they use, that’s a referral you can trust.

Always be careful of online reviews

If you are looking for a new moving company for your real estate clients, you should be very careful to base your decision solely on online reviews. While these types of reviews can provide some information as to how the company operates, in some cases not all of them are accurate. It’s perfectly acceptable to look at these reviews, but it should not be your only decision when choosing movers for your clients.

Choose moving companies that are a great fit for your client’s needs

It’s true, not all moving companies are created equal or offer the same services. For example, you may find some local moving companies that are not experienced with International moving. Because of that, it does make sense to choose wisely. The same goes for Interstate moves. If you have clients that are moving to another state, it’s a great idea to develop a relationship with movers that also partner with national carriers, such as United Van Lines. In that case, they will have a network of professional drivers and crew members that are experienced in these types of moves.

Visit the moving company location

If you are considering referring local movers to some of your real estate clients, ask to visit the moving company location. Most moving companies would welcome you in paying a visit. Some of the things you should be looking for are a clean, professional office and the professional staff to go along with that. If they have a storage warehouse, ask for a walkthrough of that facility. It should be clean and well run. And notice how the employees are dressed. Yes, working in the warehouse can be hard work but the staff should still be dressed appropriately.

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