As you might imagine, moving day can go pretty fast. The truck shows up, your professional movers greet you at the door, and in no time, those movers are doing what you hired them to do, move you to your new location.

And you guessed it, everything you own from your blender in your kitchen all the way to moving your furniture, it all needs to go through your house, through the door and into the moving van. Some items are bulkier than ever such as large dining room furniture or a sofa so it’s important to understand how your moving company will protect your home to give you Peace of Mind during moving day.

How will your moving company protect your home during the move?

Protecting your home starts with the furniture

Your moving company will use a number of methods to protect your furniture during the course of your move. For bulky furniture such as a dining room hutch or large chair, they may choose your traditional moving blankets to protect that piece of furniture. In other cases such as a sofa, the moving crews may choose plastic wrap to help protect that item. When you protect the furniture, you can also protect doorways and other openings. Bumping wood on wood will ultimately result in damage to the home so protecting the furniture first is a smart move.

Floor runners

One of the first things you’ll see your movers do when they show up to your home is place floor runners down on any hardwood flooring. In fact, when they ring your doorbell, they may already have them with them to be ready. These floor runners are made of nonslip material and will protect your hardwoods from any scratches. The last thing you want to do as you leave your home is scratch the floors for the next homeowner.

Protecting your doorjambs

Your moving company will also protect your door openings and door jams with specialized covering. As you can imagine there’s going to be a lot of traffic going through just about every doorway in your home including bedrooms, front door, and back door. A reputable moving company will come equipped with proper coverings designed exclusively to cover these doorjambs in the event they are bumped into with heavy items.

Covering railings and banisters

The other area in your home that will require protection is the banisters on your stairways. As you can imagine for example moving a sofa down a flight of stairs it’s going to take a certain amount of maneuvering. To ensure those items do not get caught on the banister or damage it in any way, one of the first things your moving company will do is cover any railings or banisters in your home.

The first thing our moving crews do when they arrive to your home is find any area that needs protection. If you’re looking for a moving company that pays attention to every detail, give our team a call today!

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