Moving with Kids

Get the Family Ready for the Big Move

Moving can be tough for the whole family—it’s stressful enough just packing boxes and organizing belongings, but now emotions are thrown into the mix. Nostalgia, relationships, anxiety for the future all add up, and while there’s no real cure-all, there are some steps you can take to help the family adjust. This Boston moving company knows just how to relax and get moving so here are a few tips from Jim to get the process off to an easy start for the whole family. Visit the new neighborhood or town together: It’s likely everyone’s routines are going to change

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How to Help Kids Adjust During a Move

It is easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with details during a transition however, it is vital to take time to help kids adjust to their new environment and return back to routines as soon as possible. We have seen ways to make moving across town or across the country a constructive and positive experience for kids and have a few tips to help your kids relax. Honesty is the best policy: Talk with your kids and let them know what to expect during the upcoming transition. Keep explanations clear and make time to answer questions. Build up the

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Moving with Small Children

Moving with babies and small children introduces a new dynamic into a typically, already stressful situation. Many with kids must work around daily routines (naps, lunch times, bed times, etc.) and keep familiar items around to create as little disturbance as possible while also juggling packing and other moving details. At Humboldt, we aim to work with our customers who have kids to provide reasonable load and delivery times, whenever possible. Over the years, we have also seen families take a few additional steps to keep small children content during their move which may be helpful in making your

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