It is easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with details during a transition however, it is vital to take time to help kids adjust to their new environment and return back to routines as soon as possible. We have seen ways to make moving across town or across the country a constructive and positive experience for kids and have a few tips to help your kids relax. Honesty is the best policy: Talk with your kids and let them know what to expect during the upcoming transition. Keep explanations clear and make time to answer questions. Build up the adventures of traveling. Assure them that the disruption of a move is temporary and that things will return to normal quickly. Provide information on new area: Whether you are moving to a new street or a new state, take time to give your kids a chance to learn about their new neighborhood. Go visit the new neighborhood and teachers if possible or go online to learn about the new community, sports teams and schools. Find similarities in the new area that mirror where you are leaving to make kids feel comfortable and secure and to give them something to look forward to experiencing. Let kids get involved: Packing up favorite items and making plans for a new room allows kids to feel like they are part of the moving process. Knowing their toys and stuffed animals are in specific boxes gives kids a sense of comfort. Take photos of a child’s former room to arrange their new room in a similar fashion to create a place of security. Say goodbyes: Help kids create an address book to keep in touch with old friends but let them know they have an opportunity to make new friends. Also make time to visit favorite places one last time to give kids a sense of closure as they transition into their new environment. Although moving can be a stressful situation for children, parents can create reassurance with a positive and upbeat attitude. This Boston moving company works with families to ensure the moving process is as relaxing and expedient as possible so kids (and parents…) can return to regular mealtimes, bedtimes and schedules as soon as possible. Check out a few more tips in the video below;

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