Moving can be tough for the whole family—it’s stressful enough just packing boxes and organizing belongings, but now emotions are thrown into the mix. Nostalgia, relationships, anxiety for the future all add up, and while there’s no real cure-all, there are some steps you can take to help the family adjust. This Boston moving company knows just how to relax and get moving so here are a few tips from Jim to get the process off to an easy start for the whole family. Visit the new neighborhood or town together: It’s likely everyone’s routines are going to change after the move. This might mean new stores, new schools, or new jobs. Take a family trip to the new location and get a feel for the area together. Get the kids ready and involved: Moving can be tough on young children. They may be leaving friends behind, so let them have a chance to say good-bye or figure out ways to stay in touch with old friends. Let the kids get involved with the move somehow—you can let them pack their own belongings, for example. The more fun they have with it, the better. Optimism: Moving can be scary, intimidating, and sad. But a positive outlook can help you adjust. Moving is an opportunity for new adventures, so embrace it! For more on preparing your family, watch this advice video with Jim and myself.

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