Some people may disagree but there comes a time when you actually may have too much furniture. And one of those times is when you’re moving to a new home. Maybe you have decided to downsize, move to a condominium or your new home just doesn’t accommodate the furniture you currently have. There comes a time when you need to take a look at whether you can bring your furniture with you.

Here are a few tips from our moving professionals about what to do when you can’t bring all your furniture with you.

Take measurements in your new home first

Before you decide to part with any furniture make sure you take measurements in your new home. You may be surprised and you might just be able to fit what you currently have. Measure the rooms, doorways as well as hallways around the home. Take notes and even take videos with your cell phone.

Decide what furniture is moving to your new home

From there, you need to take an honest assessment of what you can actually bring into your new house. It’s either not going to fit, or you just have fewer rooms to accommodate furniture. Decide what you’re going to bring, inform your moving company, and then you’ll need to make a decision about the furniture that’s not traveling with you.

Climate controlled storage for furniture

While you may have decided that some furniture is not going to travel with you, you may have a hard time parting with it. Maybe it’s been handed down from previous generations or it’s just too valuable to discard. Oftentimes people will store their furniture in a climate-controlled facility until they decide what to do with it.

Give your furniture to family and friends

If you’ve decided not to take certain furniture items with you to your new home, one of the easiest ways to get it out of your way is to ask other family members or even friends. It’s almost certain to go to a good home and it will relieve you of the hassle of figuring out what to do next. Tell your family they need to come to pick the furniture up or even better, ask your moving company to move and deliver that furniture.

Donate furniture in your local community

What’s becoming much more popular in recent years are local furniture banks run by volunteers. These nonprofit organizations take furniture that is in good shape and then donate it to families in need. Look within your local community, find Facebook groups, or ask your neighbors about where the local furniture bank is located. These organizations usually have a list of things they will take and will not accept. So check ahead before transporting any items to their location. You can find a furniture bank here:

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