The benefits of storing your items in a climate-controlled storage facility are many. The protection that such a facility offers is far greater than traditional self-storage units. While many storage facilities may claim they control the environment within their building to these standards, it’s always a safe bet to ask before committing to place your items in storage.

Before you place your items in a storage facility you should understand what climate-controlled storage is as well as how it protects the items you place in storage.

What is climate-controlled storage?

Climate-controlled storage is typically an indoor facility where both temperature and humidity are kept at a specific range with the goal of protecting everything stored within its walls. Items placed within a climate-controlled warehouse are protected from both extreme heat, high humidity as well as extremely cold temperatures. If you have items that need to be stored and you need Peace of Mind for their protection, this is the way to go.

Protection against drastic changes in temperature

Wild changes in temperature and humidity could cause damage to a whole host of items. For example, anything manufactured with wood such as furniture, pianos, musical instruments, and other antiquities do not fare well over time when temperature and humidity change. These items can become warped, the wood can deteriorate as well as become discolored. Climate-controlled storage can actually protect these items even better than being stored in your own home.

Controlling mold and mildew with climate-controlled storage

Climate-controlled storage can help prevent items from being damaged from mold and mildew. Because the temperature and humidity are set to certain levels, it minimizes the chances of mold and mildew growing and becoming an issue. Once again, it can offer even greater protection than having these items staying in your home for many years.

Do you need long-term storage?

If you require long-term storage for household items, using a climate-controlled warehouse is your best option. If for example, your job requires you to move to another state for a longer period of time such as a year or more, it’s best to place items in a climate-controlled environment. As a long-distance moving company here in Boston, we are frequently asked by customers to store items for long periods of time. It makes perfect sense especially because of the weather swings here in New England.

Protecting your high-value items

There are many items that you may have that actually require climate-controlled storage. That list includes antiques, artwork and paintings, wine collections, and old photographs.

Commercial storage for your business

If your business requires storage, climate-controlled storage for commercial purposes is absolutely the best solution. If you’re storing items for sale, various products, or even office furniture, your business is going to need Peace of Mind to protect your investment.

If you have items in your house or your business is looking for climate-controlled storage, we invite you to call our experts today. We have just opened 32,000 additional square feet of climate-controlled storage here in our Canton MA facility. We’re ready to serve your storage needs!

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