Now we need to move

Next on our list was finding an Interstate moving company from Boston that could help us move from the northeast to our new home in South Carolina. We know moving to a new home can be stressful, so we wanted to make sure we found the right company for our upcoming journey.

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We also knew that at certain times of the year, moving companies can book up fast so we wanted to find the right moving company and do so quickly.

I was referred to a company by my realtor for the long-distance move.  We also have received DOZENS of post cards and marketing materials in the mail from other movers in the area.  It is overwhelming how many options there are out there.

The virtual moving estimate was a great idea

Virtual survey

A few of the companies that we’ve talked with have a virtual estimating option, which seems like a convenient method of looking at what needs to be moved.  The other option is having someone come out to the house and survey the house, but with everything going on, we feel like the video option is best.

We’ve been told that the virtual moving survey can be just as accurate as someone coming into your home and giving you an estimate for a move. Because of my confidence in my realtor, I decided to go with their suggestion for a mover.

We’ve decided to use the referred moving company, Humboldt Storage & Moving, based out of Canton, MA, which is affiliated with United Van Lines.  The virtual estimate was really easy, and the estimator made everything very easy to understand.  And they were right. We believe they nailed the moving estimate even though it was virtual. I would highly recommend this to anybody else moving. It was so easy and convenient.

I’ve been informed they don’t move on close day, so our move is anticipated for 4/14/21.  We’ll plan to drive to South Carolina with the essentials, and Humboldt will ship everything else.  They’ve given a narrow delivery window, which is helpful to plan our arrival in South Carolina.  We’ll be looking to rent short term while we find a house to purchase.

Selling a house always has its snags

In March, I took a trip to meet with our realtor in Charleston.  He spent two hours driving me around James Island to help me get familiar with the area, and hopefully speed up the process of finding our new house.  We’ll be better equipped to view real estate listings now that we know our target area.  I’m not sure we’re comfortable enough to make an offer on anything just yet, but we’re getting a really good idea about the market.

In the meantime…

I’ve also been receiving correspondence regarding the solar panel contract.  When we first went to market, our agent made a comment that solar panels are considered a negative to prospective buyers.  I was surprised by that. I had figured when we had them installed, they would add value.  Since initiating the solar contract transfer as part of the sale, I can now see why they are a negative.  They make it so difficult! The process takes a full 30 days, requires credit history from the buyers, a large deposit, and more. Hopefully, this isn’t a deal breaker for them.  If I had known this would happen, we never would have had them installed.

We know better days are ahead for our upcoming move and this is just one of those issues we know we will work out.

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