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There are many great things about hiring professional movers to perform your residential move. You can save innumerable hours when you hire them to pack and load your possessions. They also make far fewer packing and moving mistakes compared with the average homeowner or renter who isn’t an experienced moving expert. Professionals also know how to best pack a truck to ensure the safety of the truck’s occupants, your belongings and other drivers on the road during transportation.

Humboldt Storage & Moving in Boston is dedicated to being a reliable, safe partner local movers can count on to get their belongings from their old home to their new home without damage. We accomplish this, in part, by sticking to proven truck packing strategies.

1. Start with a clean truck.

A reputable mover will thoroughly clean the interior of their moving trucks following a move to ensure the next client’s belongings remain pristine during transit and delivery. If you are renting your own truck, you’ll want to pay attention to cleanliness and potentially clean it out before you load your belongings, depending on the truck’s condition.

2. Have all the correct tools on hand for safe loading and unloading, including clean moving blankets, ratchet straps, etc.

One of the benefits of working with a professional moving company is they have all the latest gadgets and accessories on hand to ensure your furniture and possessions get to your new home unscathed and clean. There’s a lot more to safely and cleanly moving than simply playing Tetris in the back of a truck.

3. Mattresses should be boxed. If they are memory foam, they need to be loaded flat.

Boxing mattresses ensures they stay clean and aren’t damaged during transit. They can also be unwieldy due to their flexible nature, and boxing them makes them easier to move and store. One of the most common mistakes we see amateur movers make is letting a memory foam mattress bend and flop around. This can result in the separation of the foam layers during transit, irreparably damaging the mattress. It’s important to keep memory foam mattresses straight and flat during the move.

4. Heavy items should be loaded towards the front of the truck and on the bottom as the base of the tiers whenever possible.

Keeping heavy items toward the front of the truck and on the bottom of the load improves stability for the items stacked on top of them as well as the truck itself during transit. A secure, balanced load helps make the transportation process safer for the driver and passengers in the cab as well as your belongings.

5. Light items should go on top.

It may seem obvious but some people get in a hurry and don’t stick to this rule, resulting in softer cardboard boxes being crushed by heavier items. Pack heavy items on the bottom and toward the front of the truck before loading lighter boxes and items on top.

6. Oddly shaped, small or un-stackable items should fill the gaps in the tiers to ensure each tier is solid and the load won’t shift in transit.

Because of the shape of certain types of furniture, such as tables and desks, there will always be empty spaces and voids in any moving truck load of furniture. These spaces can actually be valuable for fitting in smaller items and items that don’t lend themselves to stacking. By filling these gaps you’re also making maximum use of the moving truck’s space.

7. Each tier should be strapped off.

Simply putting a single strap over an entire stack won’t adequately secure a load against shifting during transit. Each tier of items should be individually strapped off to reliably protect your belongings from damage.

8. Appliances should be placed towards the back of the truck.

Packing appliances last at the back of the truck is helpful for several reasons. You’re able to unload these large, bulky items first, getting them out of the way early. You can also put them in their designated nooks within the house, saving you from trying to navigate large appliances through box-cluttered hallways later. Having heavier appliances in the back also acts a counterweight to the heavy furniture towards the front of the truck.

9. Use a walk board or liftgate when loading to keep everyone safe and uninjured.

Using walk boards or a liftgate, if available, is important for maintaining the safety of everyone involved with the move. If you’re moving yourself and tapping friends and family to help, you want to make sure they don’t suffer an injury while doing you a favor. Plus, there’s always the risk of liability. If someone does get seriously injured during the course of your move on your property, you will likely be liable. Make safety a priority and avoid the headaches that result from injuries.

10. Find a safe, legal location to park the moving truck. Secure parking permits if needed. Do not block access. Use chock blocks.

You don’t want your first interaction with your neighbor to be one in which you’re annoying them with discourtesy. Unfortunately, that’s often the way neighbors meet for the first time when a moving truck is thoughtlessly parked in front of someone’s access or in an illegal location. Professional movers should know how to park in a legal location. Some homes, apartments or condos in the often crowded, tight street conditions of Boston may not have adequate nearby access, and it may be necessary to acquire a temporary parking permit for the moving truck.

If you’re moving yourself also make sure to put chock blocks around your truck’s wheels to make sure it doesn’t roll away. This is especially important if the truck has to be parked on an incline, which is all too common in Boston.

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