Guess what? We all don’t have the advantage of moving when it’s 75 degrees and sunny out. That would be nice if that’s the only time anyone moved but unfortunately, some of us have had to move under less than desirable weather conditions.

As a moving company in Boston, we know what its like to move in the winter, among all our other seasons. We know what its like to pack the truck in the winter, walk through snow to get everything in and out of a house and we know a thing or two about driving in the winter. Especially driving a moving truck in the winter.

If you are moving yourself and not using a moving company, you need to take great care when driving a moving truck. It’s not the same as driving your car down the street. A moving truck drives differently, turns different and accelerates and stops much different than a car.

How to Drive A Moving Truck In The Snow

Here’s a few tips for how to drive a moving truck in the snow:

  • First, it is very important to pack your moving truck the correct way. Packing the truck without paying attention to the basics could result in damage to your items and to the vehicle. Make sure you pack your heavy items first. That would include all your furniture. Use proper packing supplies such as padding and moving blankets to secure your items. And make sure everything in your tuck is properly secured so nothing shifts while driving. If your moving truck goes into a skid or worse in the snow, and your items are not properly packed in the truck, you’ll damage more than the truck. And the shift in weight could cause the truck to skid.
  • Drive slow. We know you want to get to your next destination but driving fast in the snow with a moving truck is not a good idea at all. If you do not have experience driving a truck on a regular basis, you might not be aware of how the truck acts and feels on the road. Especially in bad weather. Also, be sure not to tailgate anyone. Whether it is a car or a truck, stopping in the snow takes a vehicle much longer.
  • Clean off the moving truck. We know your truck will be taller than your car but if you have any snow or ice on the top of the vehicle, make sure you remove it. We see countless accidents as well as broken windshields during the winter because vehicle owners did not clean off the top of the roof. Keep others around you safe as well by cleaning off any ice or snow before you leave.
  • Lose the distractions. Distractions are the enemy of a relaxing move. And in the snow, distractions can ruin a move. We know you’ve heard this message before, but it cannot be repeated enough. Stay focused on driving your moving truck at all times. That includes making sure you follow all safe driving recommendations, paying attention to both the road and your side mirrors. Make sure you are not spending all your time on your cell phone and never text while driving. And if you have to drive a long distance, consider eating before you get behind the wheel. You are now driving a truck and you need to pay attention.

While experts agree that its best to hire a moving company to handle your move, we understand that some people will decide to move themselves. If you need to move yourself in the winter and the snow, make sure you do everything you can to avoid an accident and keep everyone around you safe.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!