Winter is often the most difficult time of year to move. We asked  the Humboldt Experts to share their best Winter Moving Tips to help you relax and get moving. Pour yourself a nice warm drink while you check out our helpful tips and you’ll be snuggled up in your warm, cozy new home in no time!

house in winter

Moving is a stressful thing, but moving in the winter adds a lot more stress to the situation. With over 100 years’ experience Humboldt can help you move in any season. Here are some tips to think about when you are planning a move in the winter months.

Have a Shovel Handy

snow shovel winter tips

Make sure that there is a clear pathway for the movers to carry your belongings safely to the truck. Put down sand or ice melt so there is no ice on the walkway, this could cause injuries to the movers and damage to your belongings. Make sure the moving truck is able to get to your home and has a place to park.

Protect Your Home

carpet protection winter tips

Put down special carpet covers, cardboard, old sheets or plastic where the movers will be walking in and out of your house. This will help you avoid the mess of tracking snow, sand and water inside your home.

Have Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies winter tips

Have cleaning supplies such as mop, broom, etc. set aside to clean up any mess left that does occur. Then clean your way out of the house.

Hire Professionals

professional movers winter tips

Hiring a professional moving company is imperative during the cold and often treacherous Winter months. Investing in a quality moving team will minimize the stress of your move as professionals come equipped with materials, tools, and experience. Remember : They do this every day! They know the best, and most safe way to get your belongings from Point A to Point B. And let’s be honest – who wants to be driving a rental truck around in the snow anyway!?

Prep The Outside Of Your Home

snow driveway winter tips

Be sure that your driveways, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, porches, etc. are all clear of snow and salted/sanded at both your origin and destination homes on move day. Unprepared access can delay your move and prove dangerous for moving crews.

Stay In Touch With Your Movers

contact winter tips

Keep the lines of communication open with your movers. Advise them of any issues with access leading up to move day. Often times, during the Winter, streets are narrowed with snowbanks. Will the large moving truck be able to maneuver? Your moving company may need to schedule a smaller “shuttle” truck to access your home so keep them in the loop.

Keep An Eye On The Forecast

watch the forecast in winter

Stay prepared and informed by keeping an eye on the weekly forecast. Avoid any last minute weather surprises so you can plan accordingly. If your move date is looking like it might be a snow storm, call your movers to discuss your options.

Be Patient and Flexible

patience winter tip

Most importantly, remain patient and flexible during the move. A Winter move is already frustrating and stressful enough to worry about things that are unpredictable and out of everyone’s control. Tap your professional movers for their knowledge and advice. And do not forget: It is always better to delay the move slightly than to risk your possessions and people’s lives.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!