Winter is often the most difficult time of year to move. We asked  the Humboldt Experts to share their best Winter Moving Tips to help you relax and get moving. Pour yourself a nice warm drink while you check out our helpful tips and you’ll be snuggled up in your warm, cozy new home in no time!

house in winter

Moving is a stressful thing, but moving in the winter adds a lot more stress to the situation. With over 100 years’ experience Humboldt can help you move in any season. Here are some tips to think about when you are planning a move in the winter months.

Have a Shovel Handy

snow shovel winter tips

Make sure that there is a clear pathway for the movers to carry your belongings safely to the truck. Put down sand or ice melt so there is no ice on the walkway, this could cause injuries to the movers and damage to your belongings. Make sure the moving truck is able to get to your home and has a place to park.

Protect Your Home

carpet protection winter tips

Put down special carpet covers, cardboard, old sheets or plastic where the movers will be walking in and out of your house. This will help you avoid the mess of tracking snow, sand and water inside your home.

Have Cleaning Supplies

cleaning supplies winter tips

Have cleaning supplies such as mop, broom, etc. set aside to clean up any mess left that does occur. Then clean your way out of the house.

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