The short answer is yes. Depending on where you are moving as well as the type of move will dictate what types of forms you’ll need to complete as well as how many forms are needed for your move.

We know filling out forms isn’t your favorite thing to do. At Humboldt, there’s a shared responsibility between you and our team to get the necessary forms done.

What forms are needed for my move? It all depends.

International moving forms

When it comes to what forms are needed for an international move, the answer will vary depending on where in the world you are moving. Every country should have certain types of forms to gain entry as well as customs forms. That’s why it’s important when you are working with an international moving company, you choose one that understands all the complexities of moving out of the country.

High-value inventory forms

If you are asking your moving company to move items that are high value, then you may be required to fill out a high-value inventory form. This can be everything from art, antiques, collections, oriental rugs, and more. It’s important for you to work with your moving company to fill this out accurately.

Claim forms

Hopefully, you will not have to do this but there come times when items could get damaged. If that happens during your move, your moving company will present a claims form for you to complete. Items that you claim are damaged will most likely need further inspection. But it is important for you to fill out this form ASAP.

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