We live in a fast-paced world and most of us when do we get busy, forget something. And when it comes to moving, there are so many things that you the homeowner needs to do, that you could just forget a few key responsibilities before handing over the keys. But if you’re moving to another state, you want to take a look at some of the things we’ve listed below and make sure you get those taken care of before you hit the road.

What are some important things you need to take care of before moving?

Changing your address with online retailers

If you’re moving, you’re going to need to change your address with all the companies that you shop online with. That includes your Amazon account, other big retailers, your grocery shopping if that gets delivered and anywhere else you have accounts set up. And don’t forget to check the browser that you use on your computer. Some of them have your address stored and will auto-populate when you fill out certain forms. Make sure you clear that as well.

Cancel home services

You want to make sure that you cancel any type of professional services that come to your home. That includes trash pickup, bottled water deliveries, landscaping, plowing, or other local professionals that come to your home. If you don’t cancel these, you’ll end up receiving a bill and it will be hard to dispute that or get your money back. Make a list of services and cancel each one in advance.

Return various items

You may have a number of things you’re using around your home currently that need to be returned before you move off to your new destination. First, make sure you return your library books or anything else you have rented or borrowed within your community. The other common thing that comes to mind is returning your cable box. You may incur a fee if you don’t return this on time. But don’t worry, our Humboldt team has been known to return cable boxes for customers before.

Did you pick up your clothes at the dry cleaners?

If you’re moving from Boston to Florida and weeks later wonder where some of your clothes are, it’s a good chance you left them at your local dry cleaners. Make sure you pick up anything you’ve left at the dry cleaners or for that matter anywhere else you may have had something serviced or repaired.

Did you pay those parking tickets you owe?

If you have any parking tickets or other local fees that you have not paid, you better take care of that before moving to another state. If you let these bills rack up, it could get very expensive for you because it could take time for that municipality to catch up with your new address. By then you’ve racked up fees and penalties so if you think you have any parking tickets or local taxes to pay, make sure you take care of those obligations.

Having a stress-free move is one way to remember all your responsibilities and the team here at Humboldt does just that. Talk to our moving consultants today and let’s get started!

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