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    If you are a Bay State resident and have decided on moving from Boston to Florida, our dedicated moving team is ready to make that journey with you. In fact, Humboldt Storage and Moving has decades of experience relocating families from all over New England down to sunny Florida. We are trusted by families all throughout the year to help them make the journey down the east coast to their warmer destination.

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    Over 100 years serving as a full-service moving company

    Founded in 1905 in the heart of Boston, Humboldt has been helping families move down the street or across the country for over a century. We’re not new at this. In fact, our first moving vehicles were powered by horse. Over the years we have encountered just about everything when it comes to moving so you know collectively, we have what you need to have a relaxing experience moving to Florida. The relationships we have built all over the country and the reliable network we have cultivated, ensure a relaxing experience as you relocate down south.

    Humboldt's Boston-area moving team

    Our stress-relieving commitment to your Florida move

    Humboldt moving team packing

    We have moved families to all areas of Florida including Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa to name just a few. While every type of move can cause stress, we know that relocating to another state can create additional challenges. That’s why, from the moment you contact our Humboldt team, all the way until the last box is unloaded, you have our commitment to a stress-free move. We’ll get you to your new Florida home and we’ll do it with your peace of mind at the top of our priority list. That is the Humboldt promise we all stand by.

    Packing in Boston-Moving to Florida

    Because it is one of our most popular routes, we know a few things about moving to The Sunshine State. And one of them is the importance of packing all your household goods properly. You are not moving down the street. You are moving to Florida so that means your items should be packed for a long-distance move. Humboldt has everything you need to pack properly including every type of moving box, wrapping supplies and other protective materials. We even offer crating for high-value items.

    Many families moving to the Panhandle, the Gulf or Atlantic coast or other parts of the country take advantage of our professional packing services. It just makes sense to have a pro packing all your items when you’re on a long-distance move. You’ll have the comfort of knowing everything is packed for the long journey down south. Ask your moving consultant about customized packing services.

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    Do you have your sights set on moving to Florida? Contact the Humboldt team today and speak with one of our knowledgeable moving professionals. Relax and enjoy the sunshine!

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