If you are like many homeowners, you most probably have more than enough furniture in your home. Where should it all go when you are embarking on a home improvement or restoration project such as replacing or refinishing your floors? Or even more extensive such as a full remodeling job?

Here are a few tips for what to do with all that furniture during construction.

Where Should I Put My Furniture During Construction?

Store Furniture Off Site
The best way to make sure your furniture doesn’t get damaged during a remodeling job is to store it off site. Get it out of the home and into a safe storage facility. The best way to achieve this is to find a moving company that also offers clean and climate-controlled storage. You don’t want your furniture stored in just any warehouse. You want it moved to a safe and organized storage facility that has a good reputation. Our advice is to tour the facility before making any commitment.

Rent A Storage Container
If you have the space in your yard, you could rent a small storage container and keep your items close by. Could you save some money? Maybe, but keep this in mind. While you might have the convenience of having your furniture right there at your home, not all storage containers are created equal. There are no guarantees that your items will stay dry if it rains because in some cases, these containers can leak. You also cannot control the temperature or humidity. And that can be an issue for furniture that you feel has any value.

Store In Another Room
The quickest and easiest way to get furniture out of your construction zone is to move it to another area of your home. You’ll know where everything is and have easy access to those items as soon as you are done with your project. But a few words of caution: If you have ever embarked on any home improvement project, you know that dust and other particles can end up in places far from the construction zone. Unless you have that room completely sealed off, your furniture could end up dirty. If your project lasts more than a couple days, your home could get disrupted with items in the way. And moving certain items can be a challenge. In some cases, the more expensive the furniture is, the heavier it is. And if you moving furniture between floors, that can be quite a task.

We feel that one of the best ways to make your home improvement project go smoothly is to get that furniture out of the house. Have it moved by a professional and have it stored properly.

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