We’re moving but still need to sell our existing home

Today, we reached out to our realtor, Joselin Malkhasian (781) 316 – 5279, Joselin@lamacchiarealty.com

Joselin was able to get us a fantastic deal on our current home and let her know our intentions to relocate and put our house on the market. She is so excited for us and has let us know that we could not have picked a better time to sell.

We had no idea the market was so hot or what we were in for when we put our home up for sale. But we would soon find out that we would be pleasantly surprised.

It was February 22nd and we had pens in hand, ready to ink a new deal. We are days away from a new journey and a relaxing moving experience, we can feel it!

Our paperwork is now signed for the listing agreement, and it feels like a switch has been turned and an avalanche of interest is already building behind the scenes by our realtor with her broker contacts. The anticipation is exciting but exhausting. We have pictures scheduled in the coming days with the realtor’s professional photographer and then we will be ready to list later this week.

While selling a house, buying a new one and moving can be tiring, it’s also an exciting journey which we are eager to embark on. We love new beginnings and we’re up for a challenge.

It is now February 25th, and the day has come! We are live and ready for action.

Our house is officially on the market. We opted to open for private showings as well as two open houses. We’re getting a ton of activity already, so we’ve decided to stay with family for the weekend to accommodate all the showings.

And as of March 1, boy did we see some traffic! Final tally was 56 private appointments, two very busy open houses, 11 offers. I never thought for a moment that 11 people would be offering to buy our home. It was a great feeling.

Our neighbors were shocked by how many people were on our block over the weekend.  It’s normally very quiet, and there were cars lining the streets and a line to get into the open houses. One neighbor described it as though it was a concert venue!

We didn’t waste any time and as of March 2nd, we accepted an incredible offer. We negotiated closing date of 4/15/21 with our buyer and now we need to book movers ASAP.

Guess what? Now we have to move!

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!