If you are moving to Boston, this is the blog for you. And even if you have lived in and around Boston for many years, you’ll still have to check out some of these historical and amazing places of history we have here in and around our beautiful city. Those of us living in and around Boston are blessed to have so many historical places we can visit. You will feel like you’re on vacation and still be close to home.

Historical Places in Boston

Faneuil Hall

Walk along the cobblestones to one of the best-known places in America. Faneuil Hall was built by Peter Faneuil and presented as a gift to the city of Boston in 1742. Since then, it has been at the center of history, shopping and politics. Merchants came to sell their goods and people came from all over to hear speeches from Samuel Adams to Bill Clinton.

Boston’s North End

Walk across the expressway and you’ll soon find yourself in Boston’s historic North End. You will feel like you have been dropped right into the center of Italy. With incredible restaurants, markets and shops, you’ll be transported to little Italy for the time you’ve spent there. Get a table early. This place fills up quickly.

USS Constitution

Not far from the North End is the USS Constitution and Museum located at the Charlestown Navy Yard. “Old Ironsides” as the ship is known as, was launched in 1797 and to this day, remains undefeated by enemy fire. When you go there, you can see all the ship has to offer and tour the museum and get more in tune with the incredible history of this ship.

Union Oyster House

The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant in Boston. Built in 1826, this historic landmark has been a top destination of some of the country’s most notable politicians when running for President. Almost every candidate that comes to Boston, stops by and pulls up a seat at the oyster bar. In fact, the restaurant pays tribute to John F. Kennedy with a booth with his name permanently attached to it.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park is considered the oldest baseball park in the country. It blends both old time baseball park seating and up to date renovations to keep the history of the park intact but keep up with the times. You still have those poles that offer obstructed view but taking in a game at Fenway is a must-do when you’re in Boston.

JFK Library

Born in Massachusetts, President John F. Kennedy is one of the Bay State’s beloved politicians. He accomplished many priorities during his time in the White House and left a legacy of milestones for our country. The JFK Museum is located on Columbia Point in Boston and has a clear view of Boston Harbor. If you are looking for an educational day out in Boston, you’ll need to spend some time here.

Lexington and Concord

Just a short drive west of Boston and you come to Lexington and Concord. And if you know your history, you know that significant battle happened here between the British and our Patriots. There are so many attractions and historical places in these two towns that you could spend days walking around. From the Old North Bridge, to the Lexington Battle Green, and Concord’s Colonial Inn, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy and interested. There are also plenty of museums so get in your car and head West for a history lesson.

Wayside Inn

On your way back to Boston, make sure you stop by the Wayside inn in Sudbury. Dating back to the 1700’s, this historic landmark not only provides guests with an incredible New England Style menu, but it is still a working inn that you can stay at. You’ll be entertained by the fife and drum band dressed in period clothing and taken back into history with food and location. When you are there, walk right across the street to the famous Grist Mill. Built by Henry Ford, this working mill is a sight to see and one you’ll want to share that Instagram moment.

We could go on but the fact is if you are moving to Boston, or just planning a visit, there are plenty of historic landmarks to keep you busy, and have you learning a little bit about our county in the process.

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