Our experienced Boston movers and packers see self packing mistakes every day out on our jobs. In the industry, self packed boxes are often referred to as “PBO” or packed by owner. (If your moving company is packing for you, you may hear the term “CP” or carrier packed.) When you choose to pack yourself, you assume a major portion of the responsibility for your move’s success.

We asked the Humboldt Experts : What are the top 5 self packing mistakes?

Mistake #5 = Not packing an overnight / 1st day box.

  • The last thing you want to do on the first night or first day in your new home is be searching for your necessities. Pack an overnight bag with all your medications and personal care items including make up, toiletries, pajamas, and a change of clothing. Pack an additional box or clear tote with toilet paper, shower gear including towels, cell phone chargers, paper plates, plastic cups & utensils, garbage bags, important papers, valuables, bed sheets & pillowcases, etc. Don’t forget to pack necessities for the kids and pets too! Moving is stressful. But if you prepare a well-packed overnight bag/box, the first night in your new home can be refreshing, worry-free, and leave you energized for unpacking the next day.

First night box

Mistake #4 = Incorrectly Labelled Boxes

  • Whether you include too much information or not enough, correctly labeling your boxes can save you some serious headaches in the long run. Boxes should be clearly labelled on two sides with the room, contents, and your name. Use a large marker and write legibly. Mark any fragile items or items that should not be stacked. Taking a little bit of extra time to label clearly will allow for your boxes to be easily inventoried, placed in the correct room at your destination, and will make locating items / unpacking a breeze.

Labeling Box

Mistake #3 = Not Planning Enough Time to Pack

  • Packing often can take double the amount of time anticipated. When the truck arrives, everything is required to have been properly packed the night before and ready for loading. If packing yourself, allow at least several weeks to complete the job properly. Start gathering packing supplies at least a month to two months in advance. Create a packing timeline / schedule and stick to it! Pack a few boxes a day or set aside entire days for packing – whatever works for your schedule. Start with seasonal