Planning a move is never easy and challenges presented by winter weather can up the ante for stress and chaos. However being realistic during this time and taking a few easy steps to prepare can make the relocation process much more feasible. Winter moves are nothing new to this Boston moving company. We have over 100-years of experience executing moves during difficult winter months.  Below are a few things to consider if you are planning to relocate in the snowy months ahead.  Plan accordingly: Packing and preparing personal belongings inside the home can cause movers to forget it is equally important to ready the outside of a home as well; especially if there is snow and ice on the ground. Keep the day safe and effective by shoveling the driveway and walkways then spreading sand to keep people from slipping.   Check access: Large amount of snow can dramatically change the dynamic of any situation, particularly a move. Snow banks can restrict or block streets making it difficult for large moving trucks to gain access to homes. Communicate any challenges to the moving company so they may prepare accordingly and perhaps send smaller shuttle trucks if necessary. Be realistic: Although moving companies will work diligently to transport items on scheduled dates, manage personal expectations and know things can happen once your belongings have been loaded. If items are being transported across the country a large snowstorm may delay arrival by a day or two. Most reliable moving companies will stay in touch with customers to keep them apprised of when belongings may arrive at their new home. Staying on target: Even when a large snowstorm hits right before a move, most reputable moving companies will strive to keep the date scheduled for relocation. If access is not too restricted and precautions may be taken to protect the inside of a home and load items safely onto a truck, a sound moving company will honor their scheduled date. Check out my latest conversation with Jim about winter moving:

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