Here at Humboldt we have noticed that more and more people are looking to downsize. The rough economy certainly has a lot to do with trend and there are definitely other factors as well in people’s lives. Maybe they are older and can’t take care of a larger house or maybe their kids have moved out and they simply don’t need the space anymore. Whatever the reason, this Boston moving company has some important advice for families beginning the sometimes difficult downsizing process. The first step is to get the family together. This can sometimes mean extended family too. The goal here is to get a conversation started. We all know that a lot of “stuff” accumulates over the years. From silly impulsive buys to priceless family treasures, we all have them. So start a dialogue: what to keep, who wants what, what to donate and what to take with you. These are all important questions in starting the process. The next step is to get help. Moving companies like Humboldt can certainly help to an extent. We can help you organize and we can help find an auctioneer or a place to donate unwanted items but if a family decides they need more help; there are other professionals they can contact such as a move manager. There are people who will go through the space room by room with them to help in the downsizing process. Many specialize in certain areas such as working with elderly individuals and we can refer you to one that makes a good fit. As our own Jim Sullivan says in the video below, ““Having gone through it myself, I know that it is a stressful time and take a lot of patience.” Check out my short interview with Jim on the subject.

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