Your backyard should be a place of rest, relaxation and time spent with family. Here in New England, unless you enjoy sitting in your backyard in the snow and cold, then you only have a chosen few months to really get the full benefit of your backyard oasis. Especially if you own a swimming pool. So getting the most out of your swimming pool should be #GOALS

A swimming pool can bring so much joy to your family and really give your children a fun place enjoy every minute of the sunny seasons. Most kids we know could spend hours in the pool and for parents, that’s a great thing to keep them off the video games.

But you have to always be conscious of safety when it comes to swimming pools. Having fun is one thing but making safety around the swimming pool a priority should be just that, your number one objective.

Here are a few swimming pool safety tips for your own backyard:

Backyard swimming pool

Eyes & Ears

If you have children in or around your swimming pool, always pay attention. Know where your children are at all times and never leave the swimming pool area. That means do not go into your home even for a minute if you have young children near the pool. Too often we hear about children who have somehow gotten into a swimming pool when adults were not paying attention and the news is heartbreaking. Always keep your eye and ears on your children near the pool.

Ring Buoys / Life Preservers

Some people may call this a donut because of its round shape but regardless, it’s that donut shaped device you may have seen at other pools. It’s a great idea to have one of these right by the pool area so you can access it quickly. It’s connected to a rope so if anyone gets in trouble in the pool, someone can throw it to that person in the pool and they can assist them to safety.


Kickboards are those flat floatable devices you may have seen at your kid’s swimming lessons. They are a popular tool in helping children learn how to swim and kick. But they are also an effective tool if someone gets in trouble in the swimming pool. You can throw one or two in the pool and help a child get to safety. They are also great for exercising so you can use them for many purposes.


Parents may purchase floaties for their children, but it is also a good idea to have extras by the swimming pool. You never know when you might invite friends over and they either don’t have these or forgot them. Most are not expensive so having a few extras by the pool won’t cost you much. You might also want to invest in a couple swim vests. These are great protection for young children and offer parents more peace of mind with a solid vest on their kids.

Swimming Lessons
One of the best ways to keep your children safe around the swimming pool is to get them swimming lessons. We have found plenty of places around Boston that offer swimming lessons of all levels. You can find swimming lessons for kids at your local health club, the YMCA or even if you have a town lake or swimming area, many times the town recreation department will offer swimming lessons. And parents, you too should know how to swim.

Your backyard should be a relaxing and safe place to enjoy friends and family. Putting a little effort into making sure everyone is safe around your swimming pool will go a long way in allowing you to relax without the worry of an unfortunate episode.

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