Managing a full time job and attending a graduate program simultaneously can be a daunting task. This is the endeavor that I have embarked upon. It is important to me that I give both facets of my life 100% and do not miss a beat. Over the past week my group and I have been working diligently to complete a project that consisted of a paper and presentation. Finding time to meet with five people became a stressful task as we all have other obligations that we had to attend to.  However, we knew it was important for the success of the group to make this happen. When members of the group become stressed I kept uttering the line” Relax……….and get moving” which is the tag line of Humboldt. One gentleman told me that he had heard it enough, but on the other hand stated that when he hears the word relax he always thinks of get moving. We finally were able to complete our project last night, and not a minute to soon, as the five members had seen each other for four nights straight the stress levels could have caused tension. However, the group handled all facets of the project well and was able to complete in a cordial manner. The time was 5:30pm on Thursday December the 18th. The time had finally come and the room seemed to steam up from stress and anxiety of the project. Over the next 25-30 minutes five individuals spoke about facts and statistics awing the crowd with our project. The clock hit 6pm, and the dreaded question and answer from the professor.  The tension was mounting as we wanted to have quality answers for all of her questions. Then the clock struck 6:10pm, and I was walked by to my seat it felt like the Grand Piano I was carrying up three flights of stairs in the South End had been lifted off my back. (Or so the crews tell me those are heavy). A sense of accomplish meant replaced the stress that we had all associated with the project for the passed few weeks and especially the past four days. For the next 3 hours we sat and watched the stress melt off group by group as they completed there presentations.  As we walked out of the class room at 10 past 9 the professor handed us our evaluation with our grade. The group’s hard work finally paid off and as we looked at our group the jubilation arose. The stress that we endured over time was finally validated (take a guess at the grade) and Humboldt Storage and Moving is the stress reducing moving company, this grade was the stress reducing component of this course. As we go into the Holiday season I can not sit back and “relax, and get shopping.”

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