Sometimes people find out they need to move out of their home with little time to plan. Maybe a house sold quickly, or a new job opportunity came up, or something less fortunate happened. Whatever the case, they’ve found themselves in an overwhelming situation, where all the challenges of a process that takes months have been condensed into few weeks. Fortunately, this Boston moving company has some advice to get you through the stress. It takes some pragmatism, quick action, and quick thinking, but you can come out of the short notice move on top with some of these helpful tips: Be Realistic: A move is a complicated process, and crunching it down into maybe just a couple weeks only magnifies the difficulty. Options may be more limited, so be realistic about your moving goals. You won’t be able to pack much considering all the other aspects of the move, and may need to hire a moving company for help. Some things may need to be stored or left behind, so first focus on what you need to bring. Book a Moving Company ASAP: The sooner you get hold of a moving company such as Humboldt, the better. You’ll still want to meet with a representative from the company for an in-home survey and develop a plan. Even if you want to rent a truck yourself, you need to reserve one immediately. Figure out the plan: A short notice move isn’t an ideal move. You may not even have a new address picked out or ready upon receiving the news. Work with the moving company to determine what you can bring, when you can bring it, and what you need stored. Maybe you’re taking half your stuff to a temporary apartment, maybe you’re bringing even less to stay with a friend or relative. Whatever the case, develop a plan with the moving company to best fit your situation. For more tips, be sure to check out the new advice video on moving on a short notice:

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